awkward celebrity mix up

Hey blog world! I don’t know how many of you people out there reading this are on twitter but I am! My username is @Gordbamfordfan. At 1st I was thinking that using that as my username and using this picture as my profile pic would be a great way of showing how much I love him and his music. What I didn’t know was that I’d get into a few awkward situations with other twitter people. Back in March I got a tweet from Tara Oram saying “I’ll try to get up early enough to watch ur CanadaAm performance. Then again, it’ll be so early that I just won’t go to bed!”. I had no idea what in the world she was talking about at all! Then a few minutes later on she sent me another tweet saying “oh wait! I’m sorry, I thought this was Gord!! Bahhhaaaa!”! Because of my username and profile pic she thought that I was hin LOL! It was quite embarrassing but I managed to laugh it off and I actually still laugh about it to this day! After the small mix up with Tara I thought that something like this would never happen again because on my profile I wrote “I’m not Gord Bamford! I’m just a girl who’s a huge fan of his music!”! I was wrong! In July I wrote a song about the cabin party on VOCM and I tweeted about it to them. Then a couple of weeks later I got a message from one of the radio announcers saying “Gord, Brian O’Connell here…would love to hear the song and maybe have you come into the studio on Monday to sing it live.” I didn’t realize that he had called me Gord so I said “Oh! That would be great but I haven’t gotten around to putting it to music quite yet. I will get back to you once I do.”. Then I realized that for a 2nd time I had been mistaken for Gord so I wrote them another mesage saying “Also by the way Brian I’m not quite sure if you realized but I’m not Gord. I’m just a fan of his.”! Once again I got embarrassed for being mistaken for Gord but once again I managed to laugh at it. Thankfully there haven’t been any other mixups lately and I hope that there won’t ever be again! Have you ever been mistaken for someone else blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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