Danger Rangers music

Hey blog world! I know I’ve been doing a lot of blogging about them and your probably getting tired of reading so many posts about the Danger Rangers but I promise that after this post I’ll try and cut back on it for a while! I figured that I’d make this post about all the awesome songs that they sing! One of my favorite ones is “Places Not To Play” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3kGH6_K4zM. This song was featured on the episode “Kitty’s Surprise Party”. Because of the title of this song I have a feeling you already know what it’s about! I like this song because it’s so catchy! It’s got a great beat and the words are great too! WARNING this song is super easy to get stuck in your head! The 1st time I heard it it got stuck in there instantly! Another great Danger Rangers song is “Use That Crosswalk” http://www.youtube.com/user/MightyKidsMedia#p/u/9/WmiXfF_J5vc. This was featured on the episode “Fallbot Forget Me Not” (I think it may have been used in another one as well but I don’t know). Once again it’s got a very self explanitory title so no need of me saying what the songs about. I like this song because it’s once again got a great beat and it also makes a reference to the joke “why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!” WARNING side effects of listening to this song include the need to snap your fingers to the beat and the urge to do jazzhands at the end of this song. Another great song by the Danger Rangers is “It’s All Up To Me” http://www.youtube.com/user/MightyKidsMedia#p/u/3/UP5UkNgDzxA! This song is about you having the choice as to how loud your music is and also it’s about taking good care of your ears. My favorite part of this song is definately when Burble,Sully,Squeeky and Burt do their rap! Burble looks awesome in that hoodie and Squeeky looks so cute in his little rap outfit too! My final favorite song by the Danger Rangers is “Common Sense” http://www.youtube.com/user/MightyKidsMedia#p/u/12/bxrUuaWRXxo! This song is about using your noggin and the smarts that it holds to keep you safe. My favorite part of the song is the part in the burning house when Burble says “If it’s hot then open it” and then Squeeky yells out “NOT”! I can’t help but laugh every time I hear him say that! As a bonus you can sing along with this one because the words are on the bottom of the screen and they light up so it’s easy for you to follow along! If your a fan of the Danger Rangers what’s your favorite song that they sing? Let me know in the comments!


My favorite musicals

Hey blog world! I’m a HUGE fan of musical theater! Whenever a musical comes to town you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m gonna ask mom for tickets! These are some of my favorite ones!

“Annie”. This is a musical about a spunky redheaded 10 year old orphan girl named Annie who was left on the doorstep of the Hudson Street Orphanidge For Girls when she was only a baby. Her goal in life is to find her parents. She and the other orphans get tortured daily by Miss Hannigan the evil alcoholic orphanidge owner. One day the lonely and cold hearted billionaire Oliver Warbucks decided to let an orphan live with him for a week. His secretary named Grace went to the orphanidge and even though Miss Hannigan isn’t happy about it Grace manages to convince her into letting Annie go to live with Oliver. Oliver like Annie so much that he decides to adopt her and you can bet that Miss Hannigan was not the happiest of campers when she heard this news! She gets her jailbird brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lilly to kidnap Annie. Does their plan work? Will the orphans ever get away from the evil Miss Hannigan? Will Annie and Oliver live happily ever after? You’ll either have to watch the movie or get tickets to the musical to find out!

“The Music Man”. This is a musical about con man Harold Hill who comes to River City to supposedly conduct a boys band. He sells the townspeople instruments and uniforms and then tries skipping town with the cash. I unfortunately haven’t seen the whole thing because I have very bad timing LOL! I was watching TV and “The Music Man” which by the way is also a movie was on TCM (that’s channel 50). Although when I looked I noticed that it was half over! I watched what was left and what was left was really great! There are 4 songs in this musical that I think are really great. 1 of them is “76 Trombones” which is about a HUGE parade. Another is “Til There Was You” which is a love song that Marrian (a librarian) sings to Harold and also “Shipoopy” (I don’t know weather or not that’s spelled right). “Shipoopy” is about a girl who’s hard to get. It has nothing to do with the show though. I think that it was a dance that Harold taught the kids.

“Hairspray”. This is a musical about 200 LB (or so I think) Tracy Turnblad a big girl with big dreams! She loves the “Corny Collins Show” which is the musicals version of “American Bandstand” and when she hears that one of the Nicest Kids In Town (that’s what they call the dancers on the show) drops out and they’re holding auditions for a new one Tracy jumps at the chance and tries out. While she’s there she finds out that they are threatning to cancel Nigro Day a monthly event where African American people get to host an episode of the show. Tracy vows to help her new friends Seaweed J Stubs and his mother Motormouth Maybelle get the show segregated and also she vows to win over Link Larkin her classmate,costar and lifetime crush!

Finally we have “The Sound Of Music” which is a musical about a nun named Maria who babysits the Von Trapp family. The father of these children Captain Von Trapp is very strict! He never lets them play,the only clothes they have are sailor suits and they have to respond to a whistle! Maria decides to change all that! She teaches them how to sing,makes them new clothes from a pair of drapes and does all she can to bring music and fun into the life of the Von Trapps (the Captain included)!

What’s your favorite musical blog world? Tell me in the comments!

awesome educational shows

Hey blog world! I’m glad that educational TV shows exist because I believe that if your gonna sit down in front of a screen for a long period of time you might as well learn something! Also a lot of educational shows nowadays are really cool! One of my favorite educational shows is “Arthur” . It’s about an 8 year old aardvark and his adventures with his pals in Elwood City. This show teaches all different kinds of things like it’s not ok to steal and whenever you do a partner project don’t give yourself all the credit. This show also did a few episodes where they talked about different physical and mental ilnesses like “The Great MacGrady” was about Cancer,”The Boy With His Head In The Clouds” was about dyslexia and my absolute FAVORITE episode of the show called “George And The Missing Puzzle Piece” was about autism! Another one of my favorite educational programs is “Cyberchase” (I couldn’t find a picture for it.) This is a show about 3 kids named Matt, Jackie and Inez. They go to cyberspace to help Motherboard the computer who is in charge of cyberspace defeat Hacker an evil robot who’s given motherboard a virus and is trying to take over cyberspace. With the help of Digit a cyberbird they go on all kinds of adventures all over cyberspace using math skills to defeat Hacker! I like this show because it’s really funny,it helps me learn math (I suck at math so much so this show is my savior) and also 2 of my favorite actors named Gilbert Gottfreid and Christopher Lloyd are in the show (Gilbert is Digit and Christopher is Hacker!) Another one of my favorite educational shows is Martha Speaks ! That dog you see in the picture is Martha! She was a perfectly normal dog until one day when she ate alphabet soup. The letter got lost inside of Martha and travelled to her brain instead of her stomach and because of that small little incident Martha is able to speak! This show teaches about words and what they mean. I like this show because once again it’s very funny and I learn a lot of new words! Finally I know that I’ve been posting about them extensivley and you  bloggers are probably getting tired of it LOL but my final favorite educational TV show is “Danger Rangers” ! The team of animal superheroes who keep kids safe and SuperEmpowered! This show is hillarious and I love the songs they sing (aparantley they’ve got 2 albums out “Ranger Rythms Vol. 1” and “Ranger Rythms Vol. 2”)! I think this world would be a MUCH safer place if everyone watched this show and listened to what the Danger Rangers have to say and remembered their motto SAFETY RULES! What’s your favorite educational TV show blog world? Tell me in the comments!

What are your must-see TV shows?

Hey blog world! There are dozens and dozens of TV shows that I like to watch and these are my must see’s!

“Danger Rangers”. I told you guys about them in the post “Heroes” so I’m sure you remember who they are. This is a must see TV show because not only is it super funny but it also teaches lots of important safety values!

“”Extreme Makeover Home Edition” . This is a must see show because it’s so inspirational. Every week they help out a family in need and build them a new house and seeing the crew do that and asking for absolutely NOTHING in return is just so inspiring! Also I really enjoy seing them demolish the families old house! That’s always super awesome!

“Surprise It’s Edible Incredible” . This is a game show all about cooking! It’s a must see because for 1 it’s super funny and also 2 it gives you great recipe ideas to make at home! My favorite part is definatley WE SNOOPED! WE SNOOPED is the part at the beginning of the show where Mr Gross (the dude in the dark green apron with the wacky hair) and Julie (the girl in the orange sweater) snoop around the kitchens and bedrooms of the shows contestants and find out secret info on them!

“What Would You Do” . This is a hidden camera show that shows what people would do in different situations. This is a must see because you get inspired to speak up for what’s right. 

Finally I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but “Piers Morgan Tonight” . This is a must see because this is definately Piers at his best. He’s not buzzer happy or mean! He’s actually a very good interviewer and once again I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but one day I’D like to be on his show! Also another neat thing about “Piers Morgan Tonight” is that sometimes Piers has some very cool celebrity guests on the show like Seth MacFarlane,Beyonce and Brad Paisley! This show is on every night on CNN. It’s on at 10:30 in Newfoundland but I don’t know what time everywhere else so if your not a Newfie like I am check your local listings! What are your must watch TV shows blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Urban Legends answer

Hey blog world! I forgot to post it up yesterday but here’s the answer to the Urban Legends blog post! Even though I received no comments as to what you thought the answer was I decided to post the answer now instead of waiting. Anyways the true story is… #3 Woman’s Best Friend! From a tree to the ground and jealousy are both false stories! Did you get the answer right? If not then that’s perfectly fine because you’ll get another chance to guess next time “Urban Legends” is on TV (it comes on channel 49) so if you wanna play again check your local listings to see when it comes on where you live! Bye for now blog world!



Hey blog world! I made a post about my favorite villains a little while ago and now I think it’s time for me to honour the good guys and tell you about my favorite HEROES! 1st up we have Captain Underpants ! Sure he may not be the greatest of heroes but he sure is funny! His alter ego is Mr Krupp. An evil principal who’s mission is to make the lives of kids MISERABLE! One day 2 boys named Harold Hutchins and George Beard hypnotized him and turned him into Captain Underpants an undies wearing powerless superhero who can only be turned back into Mr Krupp when water is poured over his head. He faces off against some very weird enemies like the wicked wedgie woman and an army of talking toilets! His books are super duper funny and I strongly reccomend reading them! Another one of my favorite superheroes is Super Grover ! Once again not the brightest of heroes but he’s cute and super funny! I know that I’m a teenager but I still absolutely LOVE Super Grover! Next up is a female! Word up blog world it’s Wordgirl ! Her alter ego is Becky Botsford a girl from the planet lexicon who snuck onto Captain Huggyface (the monkey she’s holding in her arms)’s space ship when she was just a baby and while on the ship she fell asleep. When she woke up she scared the living daylights out of Huggy causing him to crashland his ship on earth and 2 adults named Tim and Sally Botsford decided to adopt the 2 of them. Wordgirl has all the superpowers of a regular superhero like flight and superstrength but her strongest superpower is her power of words! She can spell and define any word at all! She has to face a lot of weird villains like the butcher who’s only weapon is meat,Chuch the evil sandwitch making guy who’s only weapons are bread,condiments and anything related with sandwitches and Dr Twobrains a man who accidentaly swapped brains with an evil mouse in a lab accident and now commits cheese related crimes all over the city. Thankfully her and her awesome power of words always save the day! Another one of my favorite superheroes is Larryboy ! His alter ego is Larry the cucumber! Larryboy saves the city of bumblyberg from villains like the bad apple,rumor weed and fib from outer space! His powers include the larrymobile which is the superpowered car that he drives around in and also his plunger ears capable of grabbing enemies and also Larry uses them as a grappling hook. My final favorite superhero is actually a team of superheroes that I came across 2 weeks ago on “Cookie Jar TV” which is a morning block of children’s programming on CBS (that’s a TV station. It’s channel 22). They’re the danger rangers ! Their names are Sully (he’s the seal),Kitty (she’s the cat),Burble (he’s the polar bear),Gabriela (she’s the bird),Burt (he’s the turtle) and Squaky (he’s the mouse). They go around their town teaching kids about and saving kids from danger! They teach a LOT of important information like this morning as Sully was going to put some suitcases away in a closet he found a gun and made sure the parents locked it up and kept the key away from the kids. Also Burble saved a kids life when he pulled him off of his bike in time before it hit a tree. The kid had no safety gear,horn or lights and forgot to check his breaks so Burble gave him all the stuff he needed and checked the breaks and sent him on his way. The Danger Rangers use a lot of humor to demonstrate things in the show! On today’s show Sully borrowed a little girls doll to demonstrate what to do if a stranger grabs you. He took things a little too far because he made the doll beat him up really badly! He ended up being twisted into a pretzel LOL! They also use songs to help get their points across as well! My favorite one is “Caves” (unfortunately I can’t find it online. Oh well!) It’s got a really jazzy beat and it got stuck in my head instantly! Out of all of them I think I like Squeaky the best! He’s really funny! Who’s your favorite superhero (or team of superheroe’s) blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Urban Legends

Hey blog world! I figured that with this blog post I’d play a little game with you! I’m a fan of the TV show “Urban Legends” where they have 3 stories and you’ve gotta figure out which is true and which is false. There are usually 1 or 2 scary ones but I promise not to use them! I’ll give you 3 of my favorite stories from the show. 1 is true and the other 2 are false. It’s up to you to determine which is which (by the way I won’t be giving any names in the stories because I forget them LOL! Also I’ll give them my own names because I forget what they were called on the show!)

Story #1 Jealousy

Once there was a construction worker who was extremely jealous of his wife. He was afraid that she may cheat on him. He kept listening in on her conversations and phone calls just to make sure. Little did he know that one day his little habbit of eavesdropping would cause him to make a very big mistake. One day he overheard his wife on the phone saying “he has no idea and he won’t suspect a thing”. He gets very curious about what she was talking about and who she was talking to. One day the man comes home and there’s a convertible parked in the driveway! The convertible is the car of his dreams! He’s positive that she’s cheating on him because he sees that car in the driveway and it doesn’t belong to him. He decided to pour cement from his cement truck into the car and ruin it on the man. Unfortunately for him when he came into the house he found out that the convertible was his anniversary present and the man driving it was just the salesman dropping it off! Oopsies!

Story #2 from a tree to the ground

There was once an orange tabby cat. This cat LOVED playing outside! One day it got into the neighbors yard and the neighbor was not very happy with it! She scared the cat off and it got so scared that it jumped into a tree! The owner called the fire department to come and get it down and when they did they succeeded BUT just as they were leaving the cat darted out onto the road for some reason (I forget why) and the firemen didn’t see it and they accidentaly ran it over!

Our final story is called Woman’s best friend

Once there was a woman who LOVED animals! She took in injured and homeless ones and nursed them back to health and found them a home. One day she found a little dog who had been abandonned and she couldn’t find it’s owners or find another home for it so she decided to keep it. She named him Toby. Her and Toby instantly became the best of friends! One day the woman was in the kitchen getting a snack. She decided to have an apple. She always peels her apples but she heard from a friend that the peel is really good for you so she decided to leave it on. Not really her brightest idea at this moment. The reason why is because she choked on it! Toby heard all the gagging and choking noises and instantly ran to his owner knocked her down and started jumping on her chest. He was giving her a doggie heimleich! After a few minutes the apple came out and the womans life was saved by her dog!

Ok blog world you’ve read all 3 of the stories. Only 1 of these stories is true! Which story do you think it is? The jealous construction worker who unknowingly cemented his own car, The cat who was rescued AND killed by the fire department or the woman who’s life was saved by her dog named Toby? You decide! Post your answer in the comments and tomorrow afternoon I’ll post which story is true! Good luck guessing blog world!