Halloween costumes the good and the creepy!

Hey blog world! I LOVE Halloween! It’s my favorite time of the year because we get to wear costumes and get candy! I’ve seen lots of creative halloween costumes and also some very weird ones and I’ve actually devised a top 5 list of good and weird halloween costumes and I wanna share them with you! (I have no pictures though so just imagine what they’d look like LOL!)

Starting with #5 on our good list we have my friend Emily and her costume from last year. She was a fork! I absolutely LOVED her costume! I thought it was super creative!

#4 Goes to some grade 8 (but now grade 9) in my school. I don’t know this girl at all. I was just walking in the hallway and I saw her. She was dressed up as the girl from “Avatar”. She had her face painted blue and everything! I thought it was a really really awesome costume!

#3 Goes to my friend Randy! I’m not sure what but he was some kind of monster. When I saw him at my special olympics bowling dance on Tuesday night I had no clue that it was him! His costume was that good!

#2 Goes to my friend Whitney. When we were in grade 5 (at least I think that’s when it was) she dressed up as a laundry basket! She wore one over herself and also she wore a white tank top and a pair of blue jeans. She didn’t win but she was one of the runners up in our school’s best costume contest for our grade that year.

The #1 good halloween costume that I’ve seen goes to Emily once again! This time it’s her costume from grade 6. She was gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe! I think that was a super cretaive costume (and also very awesome looking)! She wore a pink wig a pink suit (with a pillow inside of it I think) and she even glued a shoe to her wig! It was definately the best costume in my class that year!

Now for the weird

#5 Goes to myself actually. I regret it now but when I was 5 years old I was a hotdog for halloween. The reason why I regret this you ask? Well it’s because I wore that outfit to a halloween party and EVERYONE TRIED TO EAT ME! Not my best halloween costume choice! (I also don’t think that I looked too good in it either)

#4 Goes to Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”. On a halloween episode of the show (I can’t remember what it was called) he was going to a costume party at Penny’s and he dressed up as the Doppler effect.What is that anyways? It’s a very very confusing (and also quite weird) costume.

#3 Goes to my grade 6 teacher. He was some kind of monster. He had a mask with a creepy face and the veins showing. Not only was that a weird costume but it was also quite creepy!

#2 Ges to my grade 7 math teacher. At last years halloween party my grade 7 math teacher (who’s a man) dressed up as a nun. He had on a black dress,the hat thingy that they wear and a cross. I think that if a man’s gonna be a nun he should be a priest because that’s the male equivalent. A man should most definately not be a nun!

The #1 weird halloween costume goes to my math teacher. At last years halloween party I was walking past his classroom on my way to another class (I think it was english but I can’t remember). When I passed by his classroom I saw him. He was standing outside his classroom door waiting for his students to come in and he was wearing a costume. This is one costume that I doubt I’m ever gonna forget. He (and let me emphasize this once again HE) was dressed up as Hannah Montannah! Man was that ever creepy! He had on a jean skirt,an orange blouse,makeup (lipstick and eyeshadow) and a blonde wig and was speaking in a Miss Piggy like girly accent. That costume has scared me for life! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget about it!

Those are all the good and the weird halloween costumes that I’ve seen blog world. What are you gonna be for halloween this year? Tell me in the comments!

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