American Girl halloween costumes

Hey blog world! This is yet another halloween costume post and this time it’s all about the “American Girls”! I’m oly gonna give out costume ideas for the historical girls though because I have no worldly idea how to dress up as any of the girls of the year LOL!

Molly McIntire: You’ll need glasses,a brown wig (in pigtails) and for the clothes you’ve got 2 options. For halloween she was a hula dancer so if you wanna dress like that go ahead but if you wanna dress up in Molly’s normal clothes you’ll need a plaid sweater and a black skirt.

Julie: Albright for this costume you’ll need a white blouse,blonde wig (with one line of hair braided and the rest of the hair left down) and blue jeans

Kaya: for this you’ll need an indian dress and a black wig (with pigtails)

Addy Walker: Addy is african american so you’ll need to cover yourself in brown face paint,a pink dress,a black wig(with a small ponytail), (optional) a brown rag doll and a bonet.

Kit Kitteridge you’ll need a white hat (with an optional light green ribbon tied around it), a short blonde wig, a pink jacket and shirt,a flowery skirt and dress shoes

Felicity Merriman You’ll need a purple dress,a bonet and black dress shoes

Josefina Montoya you’ll need a white (short sleeve) blouse a red skirt and a brown wig (with a ponytail tied together by a blue ribbon with buttercups in it)

Samantha Parkington you’ll need a brown wig with a red bow,a white dress with multicolored stripes,a red bow tie,a gold necklace and a red belt.

Kirsten Larson you’ll need a blue dress,a pink and white striped mini apron,a bonet and her hair is hard to describe so take a look at this picture!

Rebecca Rubin for this you’ll need a red jacket (buttoned up) a pair of black pants and dress shoes.

There you have it blog world! A halloween costume for all of the historical “American Girls” (accept Cecille and Mary Grace. I don’t know how to dress as them so they were excluded)! Going back to my earlier point that I have no worldy idea how to dress up as any of the girls of the year do you have any ideas how to do so blog world? Tell me them in the comments!


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