AGT Halloween costumes

Hey blog world! It’s getting super duper close to Halloween so I figured I’d make 2 blog posts (the other will be up later) about ideas for halloween costumes. This 1st one is all about AGT! I have plenty of ideas as to how you can dress up as your favorite contestants or judges

Sharon Osbourne: black top and skirt (or dress if you have one),a red wig,necklace (a cross would work really well),earrings (very big ones)

Piers Morgan: Piers is very very simple. All you need is a tuxedo,tie brown wig, brown face paint (or any other shade of face paint that is the same color as freckles) and a big red buzzer (a “Staples” easy button would work really nicely as long as you cover up the word ‘easy”)

Howie Mandel beige swim cap,fake beard (a very small one),black jacket and pants,a dress shirt and to make your costume even better carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer!

Nick Cannon For this one you’ll need dark brown face paint (cover your face,hands and any other visible body part with it),a tuxedo (with a very snazzy design or bright colors) and very crazy socks (something like what Spencer from “Icarly” would wear).

Captain You’ll need a fake (grey) beard, a grey wig, fake tattooes (put them on your neck and arms),earrings,and of course a T shirt (either a red and white striped one, a plain white one or a black tank top)

Maybelle You’ll need a black wig (a curly one with a red bow in it),earrings,and a black and white striped dress

Professor Splash this is another simple costume. All you need is a full body swim suit,housecoat with “Professor Splash” written on it and a grey wig

Member of West Springfield Dance Team for this one you have 2 options. Either all black,black sunglasses,black makeup (lipstick and eyeshadow) and black sunglasses or a black shirt,purple pants,a poofy green wig,black eyeshadow and red lipstick

Team iLuminate For this you’ll need a black jumpsuit (a leotard will be fine) and cover it in multicolred pieces of paper

Mauricio Herrera You’ll need a brown wig,a sparkly satin shirt,black pants and a belt with the letter M on it

Kinetic King you’ll need a pair of safety goggles and a labcoat that has the letters KK (or KQ (for Kinetic Queen) if your a girl) on the front and in great big lettering “PRACTICE SAFE STICKS” on the back.

These are all the AGT halloween costumes that I can think of. Do you have any other ideas blog world? Tell me in the comments! Stay tuned because in a few minutes I’ll be posting some more halloween costume ideas!


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