Shows I think should be musicals

Hey blog world! I LOVE musical theater and I also love watching TV. There are certain shows that I think would make really awesome musicals! “A.N.T Farm” is one of them! Just imagine multicolored strobe lights start flashing then the cast walks out onto the stage and starts singing and dancing to “Exceptional”(the show’s theme song). Man that would be so AWESOME!  All the A.N.T’s (well actually all accept Angus) are awesome and funny and since Chyna’s A.N.T is music there’d be no need to hire a pit band! She could sing,dance,act and play all the music! Another show that I think would make a great musical is “Jimmy 2 Shoes”. I like “Jimmy 2 Shoes” because it’s weird. I really can’t explain what makes it so weird but it really is and for some reason that’s why I like this show! I’d love to see Beezy goofing around on stage and maybe Heloise and Jimmy could even sing a duet! One really cool thing is that I know the guy who plays Lucius B Heinous the 3rd (Beezy’s dad) so maybe if he likes the idea Jimmy will someday be on the stage! I also think that “Arthur” would make a great musical too!  There was 1 episode that they did (I can’t remember what season it was) that was called “Arthur And Busters Almost Real Not Live Music Festival” and I think that’d be the perfect idea for a musical! The songs they featured in that episode were “Just A Little Homework”,”Jekyl Jekyl Hyde” and my favorite one “Library Card”! I also think that even though Charlie’s still too young to be able to sing (or read sheet music) “Good Luck Charlie” would make an awesome musical too! (I couldn’t get a picture for this one. Sorry!) “Good Luck Charlie” is such an awesome TV show and I think it’d be even awesommer on stage! Especially if they sang “Singin Dancin Duncans”! (go to 1:40 it’s close to where they sing it.) Those are all the shows that I think would make AWESOME musicals! What shows would you like to see performed as a musical blog world? Tell me in the comments!

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