Camp Hollywood

Hey blog world! I know that summer’s way over but I feel like blogging about one of my favorite summer camps today (right next to VBS and the Pre Teen camp over at the autism center)! It’s Camp Hollywood! It’s a week long musical theater camp. We’re split up into 4 groups and each group gets to be in a different musical. We don’t do the whole thing though just 2 scenes. This year I got to be in “Grease”! Me and 5 other girls did the scene in the bedroom where Frenchy and the others are trying to convince Sandy to get her ears pierced. I got the part of Jan! It was hard work learning all of our lines,dance moves and our song but the easiest part was definately when we got to make our own props! We made hair curler hats with shower caps,tinfoil and paper towel rolls and we even painted our own cardboard jukebox! Also right before we went home the very last thing that we did was play theater sports! Theater sports is a fancy word for improv games. We played all sorts of fun games but my favorite (and the favorite of everyone else at the camp) was the dating game! We’d pick a bachelor (or bachelorette),a host and 3 girls (or girls pretending to be guys) that the bachelor can pick from to be their new husband/wife. The bachelor gets to ask 3 different questions like for example “What do you do in your spare time” but they CAN’T ask what their job is. After all 3 questions the bachelor gets to pick which girl/boy they want to marry. Then once they choose the person they tell them exactly what they do for a living. We’ve had some pretty weird ones before. For example once I was an estetician who gave manicures and pedicures to barnyard animals! At the end of the week we all get to showcase what we learned and put off a show for our family and friends! Everything (including our 2 group numbers “On Broadway” and “If We Hold On Together” from “The Land Before Time”) went terriffic until it was my groups turn. We did a great job with our acting but it’s the dance that didn’t go as well as we’d planned. You see I was supposed to walk out onto the stage singing “Your stories sad to tell a teenage ne’er do well” and then place Frenchy’s hair curler hat on her head. I had difficulty getting the dang thing on her head and then 5 seconds later it fell off and so did the one that I was wearing! I managed to keep my cool and go on with the dance but I gotta say that was kinda embarrassing! Thankfully everyone in the audience laughed and nothing else went wrong. All in all I think we all did a pretty great job! I can’t wait to go back next summer! Have you ever been in a musical blog world? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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