Hey blog world! Does anyone know what VBS stands for? If you don’t then it stands for Vacation Bible School. It’s a week long summer camp that my church holds during the 1st week of june and it’s always totally AWESOME! Every year there’s a different theme. Some examples of themes that we had were “Great Bible Reef”,”Rainforest Adventure”,”Baobab Blast” (Baobab by the way is pronounced Bay Oh Bab) and this year our theme was “Pandamania”! I love going to VBS because I never know what to expect when I get there every day. Every day we focus on something different. Like for example during “Baobab Blast” we had a different word for each day. The 1st day was trust the 2nd day was love the 3rd day was follow the 4th day was care and the 5th day was share. Also I never know what to expect when it comes to the activities at camp. We do plenty of different things at VBS. We make crafts,watch movies,have snacks,play games and sing songs. During crafts we always make really fun things! This summer at “Pandamania” we made bandanas,during “Rainforest Adventure” we painted flower pots and during “Great Bible Reef” we made our own stuffed seahorses! I like a lot of the snacks there too! They almost always have something really really yummy! I say almost because something very very creepy happened to me once at “Rainforest Adventure” during snack time. I sat down at my table with everyone else in my group and I look at what we have for snack and I see a bowl with a weird white substance inside of it. I’m at leat 90% sure that it moved on its own! I had no idea what it was and I was actually afraid to touch it! So were half the people at my table. Turns out that I was scared for nothing because all it was was custard but I’m still positive that I saw it move! During game time we play lots of fun games like panda bear tag. I’m always exhausted afterwards but it’s so much fun! My favorite part of the day at VBS is definately when we get to watch a movie! Every year it’s something different. During “Crocodile Dock” and “Pandamania” we got to watch a movie starring Chadder the chipmunk! A christian chipmunk that went on all sorts of adventures (and solved a mystery last summer). Every other year we got to watch “Molly And Jonah’s Hangout”. Molly and Jonah’s hangout is about Molly and Jonah (obviously) and their awesome adventures hanging out in a treehouse. I can’t quite remember much about it because it’s been a while since I last saw them but Molly and Jonah are both really cool! I also really like the songs that we sing too! My personal favorite ones that we did this year at “Pandamania” were our theme song “Wild About Us” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRqgtQWuz3M and also “Watching Over You” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTym4276v38. I always have an awesome time at VBS and I strongly reccommend that if your church has one this summer GO TO IT! You’ll have one of THE BEST weeks of your life! If your church doesn’t have a VBS ask your reverend or pastor (if those are the same thing sorry for the mistake) about having one this summer! Do any of you out there in the blog world go to VBS? If you do tell me what your favorite thing about it is in the comments!


One thought on “VBS

  1. My favorite part of VBS this summer was totally during Bible story time when Pandora (the lady that lead Bible story time) and all the rest of the kids in my group built a campfire and sacrificed a kit kat bar. Just before Pandora could light the fire our Reverend Reverend Trevors came bursting into the room dressed up like a fireman holding a fire extinguisher! I swear I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t breathe!

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