The worst thing I ever ate

Hey blog world! A few summers ago me and my mom spent the final week of summer in Toronto. One day we got together with my half sister Crista and we went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) and then we had lunch. During lunch I did something that I strongly suggest you readers at home NEVER do! I ordered sushi pizza! Yes blog world you read things right,there is aparently such thing as sushi pizza. At 1st I thought it was gonna be a regular pizza with cheese,tomato sauce and pieces of sushi on it. I was wrong! It did have cheese but it was very very very spicy,there was no tomato sauce,the crust was as hard as a rock and the worst part was that there was caviar on it! For those of you very fortunate people who don’t know what caviar is it’s one of the most disgusting things in the world! Fish eggs! I took 1 bite of that pizza and I spit it out instantly because Mom and Crista told me exactly what I was eating. I let Crista eat my sushi pizza and Mom took me to a pizzaria to get a slice of pepperoni pizza. That was definately the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten and I swear that I will NEVER set foot in a sushi restaurant again. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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