Hey blog world! Today is a very big day for Arthur! He turns 15! Actually he’s still 8 years old his show is turning 15. Later on today PBS Kids GO will be airing the season 15 premier! I CAN’T WAIT! In celebration of such a big milestone for Arthur and the Elwood City gang I thought I’d make a blog post all about Arthur and my favorite episodes and characters and all that stuff. To begin I’m sure there are a lot of you out there (and I was one of those people until recently) that aren’t sure what Arthur and some of his friends are. Well I’m gonna clear things up. Arthur and his family are of course Aardvarks,Buster is obviously a bunny,Francine and Muffy are monkeys,Jenna and Sue Ellen are cats,George is a moose (and Wally’s a giraffe),The Brain (his real name is Alan by the way) is a bear,Binky is a bulldog,Prunella and Mr Ratburn are rats,Fern is a dog and the Tibble twins (Tommy and Timmy) are bear cubs. Out of all the characters George is my favorite! He’s funny,cute,knows ventrilloquism and cares about Autism! He once walked all the way from Elwood City to Crown City to raise money for autism research! If only George were real and he actually did that! Another thing about George is that I think that him and Jenna should definately go out! Those 2 make a great couple! While I’m on the topic of characters I have 2 least favorite ones. The Tibble twins! They’re rude,mean,have no manners,play rough and are completely wild! I’m surprised they haven’t put their grandma in the happy home (that’s a nickname for the mental institute)! My favorite episode of the show is “George and the missing puzzle piece”. In this episode while searching for a bottle of glue for his Dad during his woodshop class at the community center George meets a boy named Carl. The 2 of them become friends and the next day George goes back to the community center to see Carl but this time brings Wally his ventrilloquist dummy (who is a giraffe). When Carl sees Wally he just runs to the corner of the room and has a nervous breakdown. It turns out that Carl has aspergers syndrome (like me!) I like this episode because it talks about autism and what it’s like to have it and also it even explains autism in a way that I think is really neat! Check it out! (fast forward to 0:28 because that’s when he starts explaining it.) This show has a lot of musical numbers in it and my favorite one of those is “Library Card” It’s a rap about all the awesome stuff you can do with your library card (and it also asks the question that we may never know the answer to. Who’s Dewey?). Elwood city has had a lot of famous visitors over the years as well. Mr Rogers,Art Garfunkel,Alex Trebek (or Alex Lebek as he was named on the show) and even the Backstreet Boys have come to visit! Arthur and the gang sure are lucky to get to meet all these really really cool people! Who’s your favorite Arthur character blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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