My worst concert ever

Hey blog world! When I was younger I LOVED Sharon Lois and Bram! In case you live under a rock and don’t know who they are they’re the people that hang around with a giant elephant and sing Skinamarink (sorry for the bad video quality. Blame youtube and NOT me!) When I was about 5 years old I saw a poster for a performance that they were doing at the glacier (that’s a stadium in St John’s). I asked my mom for tickets and she bought them for me. I was getting so excited because I’d get to see Sharon,Lois,Bram and maybe even elephant! What I didn’t know was that I was in for the biggest dissapointment of my life! When I got into the glacier and I sat down in my seat I couldn’t wiat to see Sharon,Lois and Bram,but a few minutes later when they came out on stage I couldn’t even see them! All I could see was small little specs on the stage. Not only that but everyone wasn’t there! Elephant didn’t come and neither did Lois! I was ok with Elephant not coming but the group isn’t the same without Lois! Without her it’s just Sharon and Bram or in my case specs of Sharon and Bram! I can barely remember the concert because it was so long ago but I know that I really was dissappointed. Mom did tell me that I stayed for the whole thing though but if I were older at the time I definately would have gotten up and left. I still love Sharon,Lois and Bram but I don’t think I’ll ever go and see them in concert ever again! Have you ever gone to a concert that you thought was really dissappointing? Tell me in the comments!


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