My favorite Youtube videos

Hey blog world! I like to go on youtube a lot and look at all the video’s that people post there. I mostly go there to rewatch my favorite AGT acts and lots of hillarious behind the scenes footage but here’s some of the other video’s I like watching on Youtube

Chimpanzee Riding On A Segway. This is a HILLARIOUS video! I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it and I’ve pretty much memorized the song as well!

Annoying Orange “Grandpa Lemon”. This video is part of a series of video’s called “The Annoying Orange”. About a bunch of talking food (mostly fruit) that lives in a kitchen together with a very annoying orange named Orange. In this video Orange meets Grandpa Lemon. It’s my favorite video in the whole Annoying Orange series!

The “Mentally challenged” policeman #1 “Hi”. The “Mentally challenged” policeman is not exactly the name of the series of videos that “Hi” is in. I would have used the actual title of the series but they use a word that I’m not sure is allowed to be used on this blog in the title. Anyways it’s about a cop with down syndrome and it’s awesome!

“The Way We Go”. This is a video made by Zora Lancaster (actually the actress who plays her). It’s about her trying (but not succeding) to help 2 girls find their way back home.

“David After Dentist”. This is a home video that a father made of his son David after a trip to the dentist. At the time David was still loopy from the novocaine gas so things get pretty funny!

Those are all my favorite Youtube videos blog world! What are yours?



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