Magic eraser

Hey blog world! A couple of christmas’s ago one of the presents I received was a book. It was called “The Doodle Journal My Life In Scribbles”. In that book I found an activity that was very very interesting. It was called “The Magic Eraser”. Basically what I had to do was doodle things that I didn’t want in the world. I had billions of ideas flowing in my head and I wanna share some with you. I drew a picture of a gun because I wanted to erase violence. I think it’s just terrible that there’s so much of it in the world! I also drew a bottle of beer because I wanted to erase alcohol. I know there’s lots of people out there that enjoy it but I don’t want it in the world at all! The reason why is because it’s dangerous! If people drink too much they can get very very sick and also die! Also the at least half a millioin dumbo’s out there will get behind the wheel and kill/injure themselves or someone else! I also drew some pills because I wanna erase drugs. Not perscription drugs though those can stay. The drugs I wanna get rid of are all the ones we heard about in the D.A.R.E program. Heroine,cocaine,marijuana etc. I wanna erase those because these are also very dangerous. Overdoses and addictions are killing a lot of people and it’s hurting a lot of families (and the people with the addiction). I also drew a gravestone because I wanna erase death. I don’t think that we deserve to die. We should all be able to live eternally! I was very very serious about this activity but I decided to have a little fun with it as well. I took my pen and drew a picture of Justin Bieber! I’m sorry if I offended any of his fans but I really wanna erase Justin! He’s annoying,ugly and sings like a girl! If you had a magic eraser what would you erase? Tell me in the comments!


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