The ACMA’s!

Hey blog world! I’m a huge fan of country music so I decided to create my very own awards show right here on my blog! I call it the ACMA’s (Asbie Country Music Awards)! Our 1st award of the night is for best country music group. The award goes to (drumroll please) Lonestar! Lonestar is a group of 4 boys. Keech Rainwater (drums),Dean Sams (keyboards),Michael Britt (electric guitar,mandolin) and Cody Collins (vocals). These guys are simply AMAZING (no pun intended)! I saw them in concert a little while ago and even though I ended up leaving angry because Dean dissed my favorite song I really enjoyed the show!

Our next award is for best music video. The winner is “Don’t You Know Your Beautiful” by Kellie Pickler! This song is about how everyone is beautiful just the way they are and they really showed it in the video! They all look like their having so much fun,the message is conveyed really well and the graphics are great! It definately deserves this award!

Best male artist goes to Brad Paisley! Brad is not only very very cute but he can also sing amazingly and is a great songwriter! His songs are all so awesome! A lot of them are also very very funny (especially “Online”)! Also his music videos are great. My favorite one is “Celebrity”! He also really supports our troops. Everytime someone gives him a dog tag that their spouse/loved one had during their service Brad wears it!

Best  female artist is Reba McCentire! Reba is an amazing woman! She’s pretty and very very talented! She also puts off quite the amazing show! I saw her at the mile 1 center last thursday night and it was an AMAZING show! Her songs are also all quite amazing! Also she has her very own TV show (I’m not sure but I actually think that it may be cancelled). Her music video’s are also very very good (although the one for “If I Were A Boy” is quite confusing).

Best song goes to “The Impossible” by Joe Nichols! The reason why this song receives the award is because it’s just so beautiful! It’s about believing in the impossible because sometimes impossible things do happen just like the chorus says “sometimes the things you think will never happen happen just like that”. I cry every time that I hear it! The reason why is because it reminds me of my grandmother. She had cancer a while ago and we all didn’t think that she’d make it but she did! The words are all so powerfull and it has a great meaning! This song is definately my absolute favorite Joe Nichols song!

Best album goes to “Country Heat 2011”! I honestly can’t pick an album by 1 single artist because I have a lot and they’re all so good! “Country Heat 2011” has songs from several different artists on it. Brad Paisley,Carrie Underwood,Gord Bamford,Miranda Lambert etc. Whoever made the CD definately chose a great setlist because all the songs are awesome! There’s “Water”,”Wrong Baby Wrong”,”Undo It” and my favorite song on the album “Put Some Alcohol On It”!

Our final award is for best duet goes to Brad Paisley FT Andy Griffith “Waitin On A Woman”! These 2 make a perfect couple! Brad made a great choice to do this song with Andy! The song is so beautiful! It’s about Brad sitting down on a bench waiting on his girlfriend then Andy enters and tells him all the good things about waiting on his girlfriend. Andy may only be speaking and not singing but he still did terriffic! Brad did great with the singing as well!

That’s all the awards! What did you think blog world? If you could have your own awards show who would get which awards? Tell me in the comments!

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