My favorite stand up comic

Hey there blog world! I’m a very very big fan of stand up comedy! I love watching “Just For Laughs”,”Comedy Now” and of course the NL Screech Comedy Fest. If I had to pick out a favorite comedian it wouldn’t be possible! I’ve got 2 of them! Christopher Titus and Greg Morton. Christopher bases his material on his family and Greg’s material is pretty much all over the place! He makes fun of playground equipment,style he even does “Star Wars” impressions. My favorite Greg Morton joke would definately have to be one he told about the teeter totter. “Remember the teeter totter? That was fun until some jack a*# sent you crashing down on your jewels 60 MPH!” I can’t find that one online but here’s his take on lawn darts!! Also here’s his star wars impressions! I saw 2 of Greg’s performances on TV but I’ve only seen 1 of Christophers. Out of that 1 performance my favorite Christopher Titus joke woudl definately have to be the way his daughter described the space shuttle landing. “As she so eloquently put it shuttle go boom”! I unfortunately couldn’t find this (or any of his other JFL performance) online but he is on youtube so check him out! Who are your favorite comics and what are your favorite jokes that they tell? Tell me in the comments!


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