“The A Word”

Hey blog world! Do you remember my post “Bucket List”? In that post I said that I pitched a TV show to Rogers TV and was hoping to have it put on the air. Unfortunately it wasn’t but oh well. I definately think that it should have though. The show that I pitched is a sitcom called “The A Word”. Basically it’s about a 13 year old girl with autism and her daily life, going to school,joining the drama club,hanging with her friends,dealing with her parents and all that. Also since this sitcom will be based on things that have happened in my own personal life the main character will be in love with Mauricio Herrera! I also plan on making Mauricio her consience. From time to time when she’s got a problem he’ll arrive and try and help her figure out what’s the best thing to do. I think that I’d cast my family and friends (and Mauricio of course) as the characters in the show so it’ll be more realistic. Some of the events in my life I plan on turning into an episode are my 1st Special Olympic games,my countless attempts at beating my friend Sarah at board games (and unfortunately being unsuccessfull),my trip to St Pierre and plenty more things! I also kinda have an idea for the theme song. I’m thinking about using “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” by Carolyn Dawn Johnson but I’m not sure so give me your suggestions in the comments please! I really don’t know weather or not this show will ever be on TV but if it does I think it should be on either Family or Disney Channel. Before I go I have 1 more question I want you to answer in the comments. If you had your own TV show what would you call it and what kind of a show would it be? That’s all for now bloggers! Keep coming back and reading!



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