Day Job

Hey blog world! Do you remember the posts “My Chosen Career” and “My Chosen Career Part 2”? Those posts are about what I want to be when I grow up. Although as of right now I’ve got a different job that I really really enjoy. My job is running my own charity! I call it the LMP (Leah McDonald Project). It’s basically a charity where every year I put out donation jars and collect pennies and recyclables for my absolute favorite charity! That charity is the Janeway children’s hospital here in Newfoundland! I spent loads and loads of time there when I was younger (in fact I still do) and I really wanted to give back to them so this is what I decided to do. My very 1st donation was $40 of my allowance,the next year it was $264.50 (in pennies),the following year (I can’t remember how much I raised), 2 years ago I raised $418,last year I can’t remember what I raised and this year I raised $200! It’s a lot of hard work getting the donations and rolling the pennies. In fact 5 years ago (I think that’s when it was at least) I injured myself! I decided to bring in my donation of $264.50 in pennies in a wagon and on the way into the Janeway I musn’t have been looking where I was going because I ran over my foot with one of the wagon wheels! It was quite painful to run myself over with a wagon full of $264.50 in pennies! One of the reasons that I like doing what I do is because I get to meet a different Newfoundland celebrity each year! I get to meet them because they interview me on the telethon! The very 1st year I donated I was interviewed by Andy Newman (one of the hosts of the morning show on Coast 101.1),the following year I was interviewed by someone from NTV  (although I can’t remember what her name is),the year after that I was interviewed by Claudette Barnes (one of the hosts of 590 VOCM’s good morning show),the year after that I was interviewed by Ryan Stodden (the weatherman on CBC’s “Here And Now”) and last year I was interviewed by Mark Critch (from “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”)! It’s a lot of fun to meet these people and be on TV! It also feels really really rewarding to do this because I know that all my pennies are gonna help a lot of sick kids get better. If you want more information on the Janeway please go to Also the Janeway Children’s Miracle Network telethon will be on CBC during the 1st weekend of June so be sure to look for me cause you know I’ll definately be there! What’s your favorite charity blog world? How do you help give back to them? Tell me in the comments!


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