My hero

Hey blog world! Everybody knows that superhero’s are men in tights fighting crime but there’s a new superhero in town who’s completely different and his name is Paradeacon. Paradeacon is half paramedic and half deacon. He works as a paramedic saving peoples lives and he works as a deacon in my church (All Saints Parish Hall) helping teach people about God. His real name is Sam Butler and to be totally honest he looks kinda like Santa LOL! The reason why Sam a.k.a Paradeacon is my hero is because he came to my rescue just last year. It was the middle of the summer and I was at lavrock camp (lavrock camp is an overnight christian summer camp). It was nighttime and I was in my cabin with my cabin mates and we were rehearsing for the camp talent show which was just moments away. We were gonna put on our PJ’s and sing and dance to “G.N.O (Girls Night Out)” by Miley Cyrus! I had left my book with the words to our song in it on one of the top bunk beds. I climbed up to get it and on the way down my left leg twisted a little to the side and I fell over. When I fell over I felt no pain so I thought I was fine but the girls in my wagon were looking kinda scared. I looked down and my kneecap had slid all the way over to the left side of my leg where it’s not supposed to be! I got so scared that I just screamed! While I screamed I must have hit my kneecap because it went right back into place and when it did I was in extreme pain! My cabin mates (or as they called themselves that night my “walker”) helped me to Boo Boo (our camp nurse)’s office. When we got there Boo Boo did all she could and then decided to get Sam to look at it since he was there on night security duty. He came in and took a look at my leg and told me that I was very brave to have popped it back in on my own. He gave me an ice pack and helped me to calm down and after taking a look at it he said I wouldn’t be able to climb anything (so stairs were a no no),run,jump or dance in the talent show. I was very very sad about that last one. Although I did manage to find an alternative to dancing so I could still perform in the show! I 1st of all showed off my kneecap and the wrap that Boo Boo had put on it to everyone at camp and then I played “Tomorrow” from “Annie” on the piano! I can’t remember exactly how long it took me but after I think probably week or so I was able to walk again! I’m very very happy that paradeacon was there to help me that night! Me and my knee are very very thankful. Do you have a hero bloggers? If you do tell me in the comments!

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