The best (and worst) of AGT

Hey blog world! As you all know another season of AGT has come to a close. Today I’d like to share with you some of the best (and worst) AGT auditions. Beginning with the best we have my absolute favorite contestant from the whole entire season Mauricio Herrera! His audition was AMAZING! The second he walked on stage and started singing I just fell in love! Another of of the best auditions of the season was the king himself and no I’m not talking about a MJ or Elvis impersonator. I’m talking about THE KINETIC KING His royal highness’s audition was incredible! As was the audition of one of my favorite animal acts (right next to Gabe Rocks). Echo of Animal Gardens! Echo is an amazing parrot! There is no other parrot that I know that can sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”! Another one of the best acts (but not according to Piers Morgan) is Those Funny Little People! They’re a group of elves from the north pole who really know how to sing and dance! Piers Morgan may hate these guys but I think that they’re totally AWESOME!  Now for the WORST auditions! Starting with the very very awkward and creepy Tron Guy. I have no clue what in the world he was thinking when he decided to do this! For our next worst audition we have none other then the world’s most gory couple the Captain and Maybelle. These guys are just disturbing! Even the judges can barely watch the act! Our next worst audition was actually quite funny! His name is Primitivo Montoya. I don’t think I’ll explain this one. I’ll just let you see for yourself why he’s on the worst list. For our final worst audition we have Sam B. He’s a dancer that cannot dance at all! It’s entertaining to watch him flop around like a penguin but I really don’t think he should have made it to hollywood! That’s all for now blog world! Who were your favorite (and least favorite) acts. Tell me in the comments!


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