my favorite websites

I’m a very avid user of the internet. I do a lot of surfing the web. These are just a few of my favorite websites to log onto! This is my favorite singer Mauricio Herrera’s website! It’s filled with lots of cool stuff! You can read his bio,check out things that nobody knows about him,buy CD’s and other cool items and even hear what his dog Bobby has to say about the website LOL!  This is a fun website for “American Girls” dolls! You can play games with all your favorite girls! Some of the games on this site that I strongly reccomend playing are Addy’s Cookie Letters,Picture Pieces,Josephina’s Santa Fe Market Adventure and Ceramics Studio!  This is a blog by Neil Pasricha the author of one of my favorite books “The Book Of Awesome”. It’s pretty much the same thing as the book but on the web! If your having a bad day and need something to cheer you up get to a computer and go to this website immidiatley! I guarantee that it’ll help! This is a fun online gaming website. There’s dozens of games here to play! My favorites are Skywire,Headcase,Bad Ice Cream and BC Bow Contest! By the way for all you concious parents out there there’s no need to worry about this website. I’ve played almost all of the games and they are all appropriate for kids of any age. This site is hillarious! It’s a site where people can post pictures of things for example Piers Morgan and compare them to other things in this case Mr Potato Head. It’s definately worth a look. You’ll get a lot of laughs! This is yet another online gaming site. These games are quite weird but a lot of fun! Some games I suggest are Deep Space Deli (where you get to make sandwitches in zero gravity),Happy Pill (where you get to make people happy but not too happy) and for those who like a challenge The Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle In The World (which has probably 10000 pieces that are teeny tiny so that’s what makes it so difficult).

I hope you enjoy these websites as much as I do!



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