Celebrity Autographs

Hey blog world! How many of you collect things? I really enjoy being a collector! I have a bunch of different collections! I have a peek a pooh collections (peek a pooh is little mini pooh bear figurines in different costumes that you can buy in vending machines at wal mart and sobeys),I have a simpsons collection,I have a spongebob collection but my most prized collection of all is my autograph collection! I have a Barbie autograph book thats pink and has blue flowers and Barbie’s face is on the front. Inside that book are zillions of memories! Every autograph brings back a very special one! Also my autographs tell lots of stories and cause me to have a lot of different emotions. Take Karl Wells’s autograph for example. He was the weatherman for CBC’s news show “Here And Now” before Ryan Stodden replaced him. I was in the Janeway getting my makeup done and getting ready to present the pennies that I donated when all of a sudden I see the door of the room that I’m in opening. I was thinking that maybe it’s someone from CBC coming to talk to the makeup artist about something but instead Karl Wells walks inside! The second that he did I was so starstruck that my eyes just bugged out and my jaw dropped open! Karl had a look on his face that’s kinda hard to describe but by the way it looked I’m pretty sure I scared him LOL! When I was done with my makeup Karl and I were talking and he is a very nice guy! He posed for a picture and even signed an autograph for me! That autograph is one that makes me really happy but whenever I look at my autograph from Dean Sams (the keyboardist from the band Lonestar) I get angry! Oh so very very angry! This is the reason why. It all started whem I went to their show at the mile 1 center on November 18th last year (which by the way was 2 days before my birthday). I was so excited because Lonestar was one of my favorite bands and it was my very 1st time seeing them play live! They played all my favorite songs that night! “Amazed”,”My Front Poorch Lookin In” and “I’m Already There” BUT they did not play my most favorite song “Mr Mom”! After the show the band was signing autographs and talking to the fans and I got autographs from everyone and while Dean was signing my book I asked him “Why didn’t you play my favorite song tonight”? Then Dean asked me what that song was. When I said that it was “Mr Mom” he didn’t look too happy. He told me something that I will never ever ever forget! I swear bloggers I am not making this up at all, what I am about to tell you is actually word for word what Dean said to me that night. “I HATE that song! It is the most embarrassing song we have ever done and I swore we would never do it in concert! I would rather have my eyeballs gouged out of my head then play that song”! I was very very mad at him for dissing my favorite song! We are friends on Facebook and I follow him on Twitter and I have never ever let him live it down ever since! Out of my entire collection of autographs I think that my most favorite would definately be Elton John. Looking back at that autograph brings back a bittersweet memory (which thankfully has a happy ending). Elton is one of my most favorite singers and my mom took me to see him in concert 4 years ago during the month of October. When the show was over Elton was signing autographs for people. I was a shortie back then so I had to jump up and down and wave my autograph book all around so Elton could see me. Unfortunatley he didn’t. I was so heartbroken that I just broke down crying! Thankfully bloggers there are true angels here on earth. A lady came out from the massive crowd of people and asked my mom what was wrong. When she told her that Elton didn’t see me and he didn’t give me an autograph she gave me the one that she tried so hard to get! It was extremely nice of her and I’ve still never forgotten her! Another autograph that I have received was from Dion Pride. He is the son of Charlie Pride. Charlie Pride is a country singer who I really like. I really wanted to get his fathers autograph but unfortunately Charlie wasn’t signing any that night so I got his son’s instead which was still pretty neat. Even though I didn’t get Charlies autograph I got something even cooler (in my books at least)! Nearly stepped on! Yes that’s right bloggers Charlie Pride actually almost stepped on me! I know it’s a weird thing to be happy about but I sure am! I had my hand up on the stage to shake hands with him and he didn’t see it there and he almost stepped right on it! I honestly couldn’t contain my joy! I had just been nearly stepped on by a celebrity! I don’t think that that’s happened to any other kid! I feel really special because of that! That’s all for now bloggers! Before I go though I have a question. Do any of you have famous people’s autographs? Let me know in the comments!

PS if you wanna listen to “Mr Mom” here’s the link. When you’ve finished listening let me know who’s side your on me or Deans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGpC5od4veA


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