my new york vacation

Hey Bloggers! I want to share with you one of the best vacations I ever took! It was 2 years ago with my mom and my 2 cousins Kim and Derran. We went to NYC during the last week of summer! It was AWESOME! We stayed at a “Best Western” hotel. It wasn’t that much but it was kinda nice. we had a (defective) hot tub,2 beds and a TV set. Like I said not much but it was kinda nice. Not only did we sleep at the hotel but we also had our breakfast there. The breakfasts were really good! They had all kinds of stuff. There was toast,yogurt,fruit,waffles,bacon,eggs,saussages and hashbrowns. To drink they had apple,orange and Cranberry juice and also tea and coffee. My breakfast for the whole week we were there was hashbrowns and tea and an occasional yogurt. I love toast,waffles,bacon and saussages but the ones they had there weren’t that great. The very 1st day we spent in NYC we spent walking around times square. We 1st went to the “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” museum (or as they called it “Odditorium”). We saw all kinds of weird and cool stuff there. The very 1st thing that we saw was the cat man. He’s a very strange guy who tattooed his face like a cat and also he got his teeth removed and replaced with cat fangs. Another thing that we saw was a picture of president Barack Obama made out of gumballs! It was really neat! After Ripley’s we went nextdoor to the “Madame Tussauds” museum. Who’s “Madame Tussaud” you ask? Well Madame Tussaud makes wax figurines of famous people to put in her museum. There are lots of different wax people in there! Morgan Freeman,Michael Jackson,Johnny Cash, Elton John,Rachael Ray,Spongebob Squarepants and my least favorite Simon Cowell. The reason why Simon was my least favorite was because you could sing for him and he would judge you. Normally I would be ok with being judged but this was a different story. I got up and sang 3 songs. “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John,”The Sound Of Music” from “The Sound Of Music” and “Maybe” from “Annie. I can’t quite remember which song it was but for one of them wax Simon gave me such a bad review and I got so mad at him that I just stormed over to where his wax figure was sitting threw my hand up in the air and SLAPPED him right in the face! My mom was afraid that I may get kicked out for doing so but there was a staff member there at the time that saw me do it and she didn’t say anything! She just stood there and watched so she was perfectly fine with it! The next day we went to the mall and did some shopping. We checked out a bunch of toy stores and clothing stores and stuff and I bought a bunch of stuff! I bought some new video games and a “Family Guy” DVD (which I didn’t realize was uncensored until I got home! Oopsies)! The following day We did some more roaming around times square while we waited to go and see “Mama Mia” and “Rock Of Ages” on broadway. We 1st went to an M&M’s(TM) store. In that store was dozens and dozens of M&M’s merchandise. T-shirts,toys and accessories! Of course there were also M&M candies there. There were any kind that you could imagine! There were so many that they took up 1 full wall of the store! There were the primary colors,breast cancer ones,halloween ones,easter ones and also some new ones that I never heard of before like “NY Taxi”. I grabbed a bag and filled it to the brim with M&M’s of every color! After that we went to a “Hershey’s)(TM) store. This place had all different kinds of chocolate! Kisses,Hugs,chocolate bars you name it they had it! You could even customise your own “Hershey” candy bar wrapper and wrap a chocolate bar inside and buy it and give it to a loved one as a gift. I created one for my dad and gave it to him! He loved it! After the “Hershey’s” store we went to the “American Girl” store. When we were there we got to look at all of the different dolls they had and their play sets and outfits! I was browsing around and I really wanted one but judging by the prices I knew that I wouldn’t be getting one. The reason why is because they cost a whole lot of money! I can’t remember who it was but I was looking at one of the dolls and it cost $180 dollars! That’s a heck of a lot of money! Thankfully after a couple of minutes of looking around I saw a small shelf. On this small shelf were all 10 of the historical AG dolls. Although instead of the big 18 inch dolls they were smaller “mini me” versions of the historical dolls. I looked at each and every one of the dolls and I picked out a tiny little girl in a whie blouse and blue jeans with long blonde hair like I used to have when I was younger. She reminded me of myself. I didn’t know it then (because I didn’t know any of their names) but I had just purchased Julie. In fact not only that but I purchased my very 1st “American Girl” doll! After our little shopping spree it was time to see the shows. We 1st went to “Mama Mia”. “Mama Mia” is a musical “ABBA” tribute. Also it’s the story of a little greek island where a girl named Sophie is about to get married. After “Mama Mia” we saw “Rock Of Ages”. This was a musical tribute to 80’s rock music. Also it’s the story of a strip club that’s going out of buisness. This one had quite the amount of colorful language and was a lot more loud then “Mama Mia” but I still thought it was really funny! The next day was definately my favorite one! We went to the “Six Flags” amusement park in New Jersey. There was lots of stuff to do there! There were dozens of rides and attractions there! I think my favorite one was this gigantic pirate ship swing! It brought you up and then swung you down really really fast! Mom,Kim,Derran and I were all in the very last row so that meant we went up the highest! I loved it! Mom,Kim and Derran however did not. Not only was I riding on the rides there but I also got to meet the mascot Mr 6. He’s a 90 something man in a tuxedo with glasses and liver spots who can dance amazingly! He was holding a dance party in the middle of the park that day and I got to go and dance with him! Also some of the “Looney Toons” characters joined in on the fun! There was Bugs,Tweety and Sylvester! It was a very very very great day! On our final day in NYC we took a tour around the city. We saw the building where they filmed “High School Musical” and a bunch of other different sites around the city! It was great! I was very very sad when we had to come home the next day but at least I had dozens of photographs and memories to remember the best vacation ever by! Bye for now blog world!



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