AGT semi finals part 2

Hey bloggers! Tuesday night was night #2 of the AGT semi finals. It was AMAZING! There was plenty of excitement,danger and senior abuse (I’ll get to that later). The 1st act of the night was the Kinetic King. His act was so HUGE this time that Nick Cannon had to fly in to introduce the show! There were dozens of thing involved in this act. Rulers,candy and I forget what else LOL! Anyway the act was pretty dangerous this time because there were things flying into the audience. The Kinetic King said his trademark catchphrase “Practise Safe Sticks” and everyone (including the judges) put on their safety goggles. When the countdown ended and the explosion started I was so astonished that I couldn’t even speak! I loved it (especially since the Kinetic King didn’t get into the “fetal position of victory” once again)! Another act performing that night was Anna Graceman. She sang a song by Motley Crue (I’m not sure what the name of it was though). She (as always) did a great job! There was 1 act that night that really got me frightened. It was none other then magician Landon Swank. He had 4 boxes labeled 1 through 4 and each box was connected to very very high explosives! One push of a button and the box goes BOOM! Landon  asked the judges to pick 1 box. They did and then he said that he tried to predict which box the judges had NOT chosen and he got inside of that box. The box that he was in was number 2 and luckily for him the judges picked boxes 1,3 and 4. If 1 of those judges had picked 2 Landon would have been a gonor! His acts are getting more dangerous by the episode. For wildcard he nearly drowned and now he nearly blew up! I think he’s definately turning into Frank Miles! There were also 2 acts that were burning up for our votes. In other words they used fire. Professor Splash and Gymkana were the 2 acts. Gymkana didn’t really go so well. They were going teriffically until 1 of the actors messed something up and instead of doing what Johnny Cash did and falling into a burning ring of fire he fell ONTO the burning ring of fire. He actually messed up fell down and landed on the flames! They had to stop the act once that happened because they were afraid some more people may get hurt. Thankfully though during the break they checked with the medics and the boy was fine. Professor Splash’s act went a lot better then Gymkana because he didn’t burn himself. He dove from a platform 70 feet in the air into a tiny 8 foot kiddy pool (I should also mention that the Professor is 7 feet tall). There’s 1 thing I forgot to mention. The pool was outlined with fire! Thankfully though he survived the dive and unlike the poor boy from Gymkana he didn’t burn himself. Another of the acts that performed last night was fatally unique. This week they weren’t fatally unique at all! They were fatally ripoff! They danced to a horror type song and put on muzzles,straitjackets and extremely weird hairstyles and danced JUST LIKE the west springfield dance team! WSDT is way better at horror dancing then these guys. 1 act that I didn’t like AT ALL was Steven Retchless. He’s a male pole dancer. He’s not very good at all! I don’t even know why he’s doing what he’s doing! Pole dancing should never be done by a male. The only males who should be doing ANYTHING on a pole is a fireman. 1 act that really had me concerned was the Smage Brothers Riding Shows. They got their whole family involved in their act. They all lied down in a straight line with their grandma in the middle and jumped over them on a bike! I mean sure they managed to do it without landing on or hurting anyone but still I think that what they did was SENIOR ABUSE! It should not be legal to jump an elderly woman on a mortocycle even if she agrees to let you do it! Last night they had the results show where we found out which 5 acts were going to be the last ones in the top 10. It was quite the shocking night I must say. The 1st result was perfectly ok with me. It was the Silhouettes (a shadow dance team),Gymkana and Steven Retchless. The act moving forward was the Silhouettes! I was very happy about that because even though I’m not too big of a silhouettes fan I HATE Steven Retchless and Gymkana deserved to go because of their mistake. Next it was between the Summerwind Skippers,Fatally Unique,Professor Splash and Landon Swank. I wasn’t very happy with this because Landon moved forward. I’m a fan of Landon’s and think that he’s a great magician but myself and my boyfriend really wanted the Professor to go through. I was pretty upset and I got even more upset when Landau Eugene Murphy Jr was eliminated and Anna Graceman went ahead. I’m a very big fan of Anna Graceman but I thought that Landau should have gone ahead as well. Just when I was about to scream at the TV set Nick came out and asked how Landau felt about being eliminated. When he answered he was pretty upset. Then Nick asked him “What if the ride ain’t over” I was getting kinda confused about what just happened. Then Nick said that Landau was moving on too! They tricked him! It was a very very cruel trick but at least it had a happy ending. Next what happened was they called out the 3 remaining performers the Kinetic King,The Smage Brothers and Snap Boogie. The one that was going home that night was unfortunately his royal highness the Kinetic King. I was very upset about that in fact I nearly cried! I really wanted him to move forward into the finale! I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’ll never forget him! He taught me (and America and Canada) a very important lesson. PRACTICE SAFE STICKS! I was upset but a little bit happy because I knew that even though the King was gone Snap may be moving ahead. Unfortunately Piers and Howie picked the Smage’s and Sharon was the only judge who picked Snap. This was definately the WORST results show ever! They got rid of 3 of my favorite acts! Oh well at least some of my favorites got moved forward to next weeks finale. I’ll definately keep you posted so keep reading bloggers!


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