Semi Finals of AGT

Hey blog people! Tuesday night was the very 1st episode of the semi finals this season. I must say that it went REALLY well! Nick Cannon wore an awesome jacket (which Piers Morgan of course made fun of) and of course the acts all did a GREAT job (well almost all of them). Zuma Zuma was the very 1st act performing that night. They did a great job! Their music choice was great and their acrobatics were even greater! I really enjoyed their performance last night. Beth Anne Robinson performed on Tuesday night as well. She’s a very very graceful dancer and I love what she does! I also LOVED Team iLuminate’s performance! They actually took us inside of a video game! I loved every single minute of their performance. There were 2 acts in particular though that I completely HATED! The West Spring Field Dance Team as you already know is a demented,horriffic group of high school kids who overdo the makeup and can’t dance even if their lives depended on it! They were TERRIBLE on Tuesday night! Also Lys Agnes was terrible as well. She is an opera singer but she’s not a very good one! Speaking of singers Daniel Joseph Baker did a great job of his act. I’m not sure what song he sang (all I know is it was by Adele) but he did an amazing job of it! I also really enjoyed POPLYFE’s performance. They sang “Come Together” by the Beatles. They were really good! After every show you get 2 whole hours to vote on who you wanna see back and I wasn’t very happy with the voting results at all this week! The 1st result gave me mixed emotions because I was sad to see a few of these contestants go but I was happy to say bye bye to others. They got rid of Mat Wilhelm,Zuma Zuma,Sandou Trio Russian Bar and let Team iLuminate go ahead. I was very pleased with Team iLuminate moving forward HOWEVER I was not very happy with Zuma Zuma going ahead. I really enjoyed them! I was very happy with the parting of the sandou trio because THEY DIDN’T EVEN USE THE RUSSIAN BAR! I can’t believe that I’m saying this but when Piers Morgan said that the act was attempted suicide I AGREED WITH HIM! Anyways after iLuminate moved forward they got rid of 2 more people Melissa Velasenior and Kevin Colis. I was kinda happy to see Kevin going because even though I liked him he didn’t do that great of a job. Melissa on the other hand was really funny and I was sad to see her going! The next 3 acts moving through were The Miami All Stars,POPLYFE and (unfortunately) Lys Agnes. I was super happy to see POPLYFE and the Miami All Stars go ahead but definately not Lys! I’m still quite angry at her for gaining more votes then Mauricio on the night she performed in hollywood causing my precious Mauri to be eliminated. After they were gone it was down to 3 more acts. Beth Anne Robinson,Daniel Joseph Baker and West Springfield Dance Team. Nick Cannon came onto the stage and said that it was the judges turn to decide but they could only pick from 2 acts. The person leaving the competition was Beth Anne Robinson. I was kinda happy and sad to see her go. I liked her but the finale will be ok without her. Now it was all up to Howie,Piers and Sharon. Howie spoke first and said that (unfortunately) he wanted West Springfield to go to the finale. Next it was Piers’s turn and he ALSO voted for the west springfielders! I was FLABBERGHASTED that neither of them picked Daniel! He is way more talented then them! In fact the kid has more talent in his PINKY finger then everyone in the group has in their entire bodies! I’m still quite mad about this today. Hopefully next week’s voting results will go a little better. The acts performing next Tuesday are Anna Graceman,Smage Bros Riding Shows,The Kinetic King,RHM SIlhouettes,Professor Splash,Steven Retchless,Landau Eugene Murphy Jr,Snap Boogie,Fatally Unique,Gymkana,Landon Swank and the Summerwind Skippers. It sure seems like it’s gonna be a GREAT show! I can’t wait to see it!

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