my school

Hey bloggers! As you all unfortunately know school will be starting very very soon :(. I figured that I’d make a blog post all about mine to show you what it’s like! I’m not saying the name (for obvious reasons) but I will say that it’s quite the unusual school. It’s kinda like Flying Rhino Jr High (for those of you who don’t know “Flying Rhino Jr High” was an old animated cartoon on YTV and it’s currently doing reruns every morning on YTV’s playtime block). The reason why that is is because anything can and will happen. The teachers in my school are all awesome but of course we do have a few nutballs. Take Mr Hipditch for example. He’s a grade 9 math teacher who LOVES the Boston Bruins. He has posters of them all over the walls and whenever the Bruins win a game you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s gonna come into school the next day wearing a Bruins jersey and talking about NOTHING but the Bruins! Also you really might not wanna get on his bad side because I can remember during the 2nd last month of school (at least I think that’s when this happened) I was on my way to class and as I passed by Mr Hipditch’s classroom I saw him holding a studen by the shirt collar and charging students a quarter to punch him and a dollar to do it twice. Thank the lord he was only joking because he definately wouldn’t have lasted the rest of the school year if he had really let the kids do it. He also loves country music! Last time we played a game in his classroom on sports day he blasted Brad Paisley on his stereo! Also I can remember walking past his classroom one day and I could hear “All My Ex’s Live In Texas” coming from somewhere in the room. Another one of the teachers that’s quite zany is Mrs Ghainey (pardon the poem)! She was my homeroom teacher in grade 7 and I’ll never forget her. Every day she would be completely hyper (I think she may have drank a little too much caffeine).  Also her teaching methods were really cool! During health class she would let us hula hoop in the hallways and play twister! My favorite teacher is Mr Sheppard. He’s our tech ed teacher. Although he doesn’t consider himself as a teacher. He considers himself as a TECH GEEK! He even has the words Tech Geek sewn onto the back of his school sweater! The part that I think that I like most about him is definately all the awesome treat questions he asks. A treat question is basically a question about anything. It could be Harry Potter,Robotics or something related to our school. If you get the question wrong he’ll say your wrong and love you for trying but if you get it right he’ll give you a candy! Out of all the classes I take in school I think that my absolute favorite is Home Ec. I like it because we get to cook! I absolutely LOVE cooking! We made all kinds of delicious stuff this year in Home Ec class but I think that my favorite was probably cookie pizza. A cookie pizza is basically a GINORMOUS chocolate chip cookie. Instead of using a baking pan we use a pizza tray! It tasted really yummy! My 2nd favorite subject in school is language arts. I like language arts because it’s a class where we really get to express ourselves. We write poetry and stories and also on each day we have double language arts (which means we have it twice that day) we get to do a scribblers stage. Scribblers stage is when we get to write whatever we like in our folders. It could be a journal entry,a poem,a song whatever we choose! That’s definately the best part of the class. Another one of my favorite subjects is music. It’s so much fun! We got to wright raps (I wrote one about Red Green),we learned to play the guitar and we even got to create our own bands! The teacher is really nice too. We don’t just have classes in school we also have different extra curricular activities as well. I am in the school’s band (I’m a clarinettist),choir and before the teacher that was running it left the school I was in the drama club. I think my favorite one was definately the drama club because I love acting! Not only that but I made tons of new friends. Also it was a lot of fun! We played improv games and we even did plays in front of the whole school! I think my favorite one that we did was “American Idle”. In that play I got to be an actor (I played the part of romeo) and also I got to be a terrible singer/pianist (where I sang “Mama Mia” like a dying cat and I missed as many notes as possible). Not only are doing the plays fun but we have a lot of fun behind the scenes too! I also really like the parties that the school throws for us on special occasions. At christmas time we have different theme days leading up to the day that we get out for christmas break. There’s a santa hat day, red and green day and my personal favorite dress as your favorite christmas character day (I was Cindy Lou Who from the grinch). Halloween is really awesome at my school too! We get to go to school wearing a costume! This year there were some pretty cool ones and a few pretty weird ones as well. This year I came to school dressed as Pebbles Flintstone. My friend Emily was a fork,one of the grade 9 kids was a juice box and there was even a girl in grade 8 who came dressed up as the girl from “Avatar”. The teachers even got in on the fun too! My teacher Mrs Kendall was an M&M, one of the language arts teachers (who was a female) was Elvis, my math teacher from grade 7 Mr Fowler was a nun and definately the weirdest one yet that still gives me nightmares was Mr Hipditch’s costume. He was Hannah Montannah! It was HORRIFYING! He had on lipstick a blonde wig a short sleeve blouse and worst of all A MINI SKIRT! What I saw that day will probably never be unseen! You readers are very lucky you didn’t see it! The image still haunts me to this day! That’s all for now about my school everyone! I hope you enjoyed learning about it LOL!


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