The Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest

Hey bloggers! I would have posted about this much earlier but I didn’t have the blog set up when this happened so I might as well blog about it now. One night I was sitting and watching TV with my parents and I saw an ad for this years newfoundland screech comedy festival (it’s an annual week long stand up comedy event that happens here in NL). There were all sorts of different people performing this year. There were some in particular that really caught my eye and made me desperatley want to go. They were Nikki Payne and Dan Aykroyd. I had never seen them (or any other stand up comic) live before and I figured that this year would be the year to do it. I asked my mom for tickets for the night that Dan and Nikki (and other comics) were performing at the Holy Heart theater. Mom called the box office the following night and said that the only tickets available were tickets for the WGB (that’s Wonderful Grand Band for those of you who don’t know) show that night (they were doing a show right before Nikki and Dan). I was really upset so I decided to use the wonderful world of Facebook to get a pair of tickets. I got into contact with Mark Critch since he was a Facebook friend of mine and I asked him for a pair of tickets for the show. I also messaged Peter Soucy A.K.A Snook for a pair as well in case Mark couldn’t get any. They both replied back to me and said that Friday was impossible (which turned out to be a good thing because after a little more online research I found out that there was no stand up on friday night they were just talking) but they did manage to get me a pair of tickets to the CBC gala on sunday night. I was EXTATIC because how many other kids get free tickets to a televised stand up event from Mark Critch and Peter Soucy? I think I’m the only one! I decided to go with my Dad because Sunday was fathers day and what better way to celebrate it then to take dad out for a little night on the town (and also Mom hates stand up comedy so Dad was definately the best choice). When we got there we were looking for a pair of seats together and we found them. The only problem is that they were way in the back of the theater. We could see the comedians and comediennes really well but that wasn’t good enough for me. This was my 1st stand up show so I wanted the best that I could get. I walked up to the front row and examined it and there were a couple of free seats! I ran back to my Dad and told him that there were. He told me to make sure that those seats were free and they weren’t saved for anyone. I asked and they weren’t saved. Then he said he wanted me to check with people that worked at the venue just to be extra sure. I told dad that there was no one in them and they weren’t saved so there was no need. He wanted me to check with them anyways. I did and unfortunately they were saved for sponsers. I slowly walked back to the seat with a big frown on my face. I was pretty grumpy about what had just happened for a little while but just before the show started one of the people that I was just talking to came up to find us and said that the people who were in those front seats couldn’t make it and he asked us if we wanted the seats. I of course said yes and I ran up to the front row and sat down. I was really happy about this. A minute later I got even happier because this event was being televised and since dad and I were now sitting in the front row a camera person told us to smile and be happy because we would be on TV a lot during the night! I was super happy that Dad and I would get to be on TV! I was also very happy because I brought a camera to take some pictures and they probably wouldn’t have come out very good back in the seats we were originally in but since we were in the front row I could get PERFECT photo’s of the comics! I started snapping pictures of the stage right away. I also got a couple of pictures of Snook when he came out to get the show started. My photography was suddenly put to a stop when Snook said and I quote “I sees you. Put that away!” I had no clue that this was a non photography event! It’s a stand up show not “Cirque Du Soleil”! Anyways I obeyed Snook’s rule and put the camera down. When the first comedian Trent McClellan came out and told his jokes I laughed really hard! He was really funny (until he started telling jokes about “The Doctors” which is my absolute favorite TV show as you can tell if you read the post about it here on my blog). I also really enjoyed Nikki Payne. She was hysterical! Although something that I really wanted to happen unfortunately didn’t happen. You see she has a lisp and when she says certain words she spits. She’s my absolute favorite female comedian (for those of you curious cats out there my favorite male one is Greg Morton) and I know that this seems weird but I actually wanted to get spit on by her while she was on stage! She unfortunately didn’t but I swear that if she did I would proudly wear my little bit of Nikki DNA and never ever EVER wash the hand (or body part) she spit on ever again. There was one comedian that performed that night that was a little creepy. His name was Sean Cullen (some of you may recognize him as the voice of Lucious Heinous VII on “Jimmy 2 Shoes”). He taught us a brand new mexican word that he recently learned. It was Kajeevo. He didn’t know what it meant and neither did anyone else in the crowd (in fact I googled it the following night and it’s not even a real word)! I thought it was funny at first but then he started singing about it and that’s when it got creepy. A few days before the show I re e mailed Peter and asked him if he could get me Dan Aykroyd’s autograph since I wouldn’t be there and he said that he couldn’t get it done. He also said that if it was any consolation (which it was) that I could get my picture taken with Snook after the gala on Sunday. Right after the show I waited up for Snook and there he was cowlick and gold chain and all. I was absoluetly STARSTRUCK when I saw him in person. I actually never dreamed that this day would come and I’m still very very happy that it has. We talked to eachother for a while and it turns out that he is a very very nice person. I also got to take pictures after the show with Nikki and Sean. I also got pictures with a few of the other comedians as well. Steve Patterson,John Sheehan and Brian Aylward. They are all amazingly nice people (and for the record I leaned in kinda close to Sean to get a picture and he’s quite comfortable LOL)! I had a GREAT time at the festival and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m coming back again next year! By the way if you have CBC television I highly reccommend that you watch the live broadcast of the gala. It’s gonna be on CBC (that’s channel 3 on most TV’s) this saturday at 8:30 NL time. Check your local listings if you aren’t a Newfoundlander. That’s all for now folks. I’ll be posting loads more blogs very soon so keep reading!




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