Autism camp

Hey blog readers! I just spent a week at a camp at the Elaine Dobbin center for autism here in Newfoundland. I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back again next week! This week we did loads of awesome stuff! On Monday we had a survivor day. We got split up into 2 teams. Team Koppano (me and my friends Amber,James,Samuel and Colin) and team sockittoya (Ally and sam(I forget who else was on the team)). When we were split up into 2 teams we got to make a poster and when we were done with that then the games began! We started off with a game of hollywood squares which my team had one. Then we went to bowring park and we played 2 more games. We had a soccer race (which my team didn’t win) and we also had a race where we had to put a ball between our knees and hop to the end of the field and then drop it into a bucket and then run back with the ball (my team did win that). Then to end things off we had a stand on 1 foot contest. My team didn’t win that but at least we had fun trying. In the end team sockittoya was the winner but we were all good sports and congradulated the winners. On Tuesday (and Thursday) there was no camp because on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s they have the pre teen and the structured teaching camps. On Wednesday we had a christmas day. We got to listen to some christmas music (Kenny and Dolly to be exact),we made sugar cookies (which tasted delicious) and we also got to play pass the parcel. The cool thing about that was that even though I was the one that opened up the last box everyone won! The prize that I found when I unwrapped the last piece of wrapping paper was a box. When I opened up the box there was a note inside. The note read “Surprise! Everybody gets a freezy”! I was really happy about that (even though I don’t like freezies) because everyone else got a prize and nobody felt left out. Santa even came and paid us a visit and gave us each a candy cane! My favorite part about the Christmas day was that we got to go swimming at the aquarena! It was AWESOME! Yesterday was fun too! We had a halloween theme day yesterday. We each got to wear a costume (My friend CJ was WALL.E,My friend Luke was a wizard,my friend Sam was a safari person and I was Pebbles Flintstone). We did lots yesterday. We got to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas”,we had a halloween dance and we also got to go through a haunted house. I didn’t like it because it was really really scary! There were people screaming at us,something grabbed my leg and also when I put my hand in a slot to feel a bowl of (fake) intestines it felt DISGUSTING! The part that I enjoyed most about yesterday was definately the contest that we had.We all split up into teams of 2 or 3 (I was with CJ and Amber) and we had to go outside and look for “pumpkins” (that were really tiny little soccer balls) and whichever team found the most won. CJ and myself had found a good many of them and we were doing great together. Then while we were outside we saw Amber who was looking really really hard but couldn’t find any pumpkins. I managed to find one and I decided to be nice and give it to her. CJ gave her a few as well. We noticed that even after we gave her a few balls of her own she was still having difficulty finding them by herself so we invited her to join our team. She agreed with us and we all looked for balls together. In the end we had found 10 of them CJ had 5 I had 3 and Amber had 2. We won the game! Our prize was a bag of candy each. Like I said before I’m going back next week and I can’t wait! On monday we’re having a St Patrick’s day theme. There’s a musician coming in to play for us, (weather permitting) we’re having a picnic at Bannerman park and we’re even going to Moo Moo’s for some ice cream! On Wednesday we’re going to have an easter theme day and we’re also having a talent show! I decided that I’m going to sing. I found out that I can do more then 1 act so I decided to sing “Good Morning Baltimore” from the musical “Hairspray” and also I’m going to sing “(old dogs,children and) Watermelon Wine” by Tom T Hall. Then on friday I’m not quite sure what we’re doing. I only know that we’re going to the movies. The good thing about it is that we get a choice so we can go to one or the other. I love camp at the Elaine Dobbin center! I can’t wait to go back next week (even though I probably said that 3 or more times already)!


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