Wildcard part 2

Hey blog people! Last night was the wildcard night! All 12 of the acts performed live in front of america (and canada) to try and get our votes. I really enjoyed the show last night. There was plenty of suspense,humor and music! I think that my favorite last night would definately have to be a toss up between those funny little people and Seth Grabel. Those funny little people got all dressed up in beautiful clothing from india and danced and lip synched to “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by the band They Might Be Giants. They did a very good job singing and dancing but I think that the part that they excelled at the most was annoying Piers Morgan! You honestly should have seen the look on Piers’s face it was PRICELESS! I really enjoyed Seth’s performance as well. Does anyone remember the movie “Back To The Future”? Seth completely recreated the film in his magic act! He made a delorian appear and out of the delorian came a mini version of Sharon,Howie and Piers! They were so cute! Although one small part of Seth’s act that I didn’t enjoy was the beginning when he just fooled around doing spins in a gignatic ring thingy. It completely threw me off. He honestly should have just stuck to the magic. Speaing of magic there was another magician chosen as a wildcard named Landon Swank. Landon did something EXTREMELY dangerous. He handcuffed himself and got inside very tiny little crate filled with water (which was the perfect size for Professer Splash’s next stunt) and then he chained his neck to the inside of the crate and then they locked him inside and gave him a minute to escape. I honestly didn’t think that he would escape and that the safety divers would have to go in after him but during the last 5 seconds a curtain was pulled over the little tank and as soon as time was up Landon wasn’t in the tank! A woman was instead! I don’t know how he did it but it was quite impressive. An act that I didn’t find very impressive was the Yellow Designs Stunt Team. I don’t think they did good  AT ALL! Their stunts really weren’t all that great and their pirate costumes were horriffic. While we’re speaking of horriffic things another wildcard act brought back by none other then miss Sharon Osbourne was the west springfield dance team. Trust me these guys are NOT your average dance group. They are gothic and frightning and use way too much makeup (they’d be the perfect backup dancers for Alice Cooper). I’m not sure what song they danced too this time (I think it was called “Beautiful People”) but still they weren’t that bad but they weren’t all that great. They dressed up like the Joker from Batman and did their little dance routine which was extremely well choreographed but I still didn’t very much enjoy it. Their good but I don’t think that their a million dollar act. One act I also don’t think is quite worth $10000 is the Kinetic King. He is quite amazing but I still think that in a kinetic contest the king would loose his crown to Spencer Shay from Icarly. Another act that I didn’t really enjoy was the summerwind skippers. I mean sure it was very entertaining/dangerous when they double dutched with fire but still I think their definately going home tonight even though Piers thinks that they make skipping “sexy”. I do think that Avery and the calico hearts may have their 2nd chance at going ahead. Their rendition of dynamite by Tao Cruise was incredible! Sure they sounded like the chippettes but I didn’t really care. Their cute and they can sing! Another part of the show that I really enjoyed was all the banter going on between the judges. Sharon puts her head in her skirt to contain her laughter during J Chris Newberg’s act and ended causing a small little argument with Piers. Also Piers looses his top at Howie for bringing back those funny little people  I also really liked Nick Cannon’s outfit. Sure Piers thinks that he has quite the bad sense of fashion but I really like what he wears. Especially his socks! I can’t wait to see the show tonight and find out who goes home and who gets the 2nd chance. If you wanna watch it’s on channel 11 (that’s NBC) at 10:30-11:30 NL time (check your local listings if you aren’t a newfie because I don’t know when it’s on anywhere else). I’ll be posting lots more so keep reading!



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