Me the musical!

Hi Blog world! I am a huge fan of musicals! I love all of them! My favorites are “Annie”,”Hairspray” and “Seussical The Musical”. I like them so much that I actually decided recently to write a musical about my life! Most people choose to wright an autobiography but I decided to tell my life story on stage. I’ve picked out some very very special events in my life like the day I met my boyfriend,the night I found out I was autistic even my 1st bowling night with the special olympics and all these events are gonna be in the show! I of course won’t be holding any auditions because I’m gonna be using my friends and family to play themselves. I haven’t quite got the script finished yet but I’m working on it and I hopefully will soon. I’m also working on writing the songs but I’ve only got 1 finished. It’s a extremely huge work in progress but I’ll get it done someday and hopefully when I do I’ll get to perform it live with my friends and family.

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