Hi everyone! For thos of you avid AGT watchers such as myself did you see the youtube episode on Tuesday night. I barely did because NBC was off the air on my television :(. After a while it came back and I got to see a few of the acts. They were AMAZING! I’m not here to blog about them though. I’m here to blog about what happened on Wednesday night. Not only were the results of the YT show aired but they also said who was coming back as the wild cards. I was thoroughly pleased with several of the acts but not quite very many. There was 1 act that didn’t make it through that I was super angry about. I incase I haven’t already told you am a Mauri Warrior (that means a fan/supporter of Mauricio Herrera) and I’ve been with him every step of the way and if you remember from my AGT blog I said that he got eliminated. I kept bugging Sharon,Piers and Howie on twitter and voting for him as much as I possibly could but none of my efforts worked. He was not chosen as a wildcard. He really should have been! He’s the best singing act they had this season! (No offense to Daniel J Baker or Anna Graceman). Oh well. Life must go on I guess. Anyways there were also certain acts that didn’t make it through that I was happy about! The captain and Maybelle are gone for good and so is Sam B! I already told you about the demented Captain and Maybelle but I didn’t tell you about Sam B. He’s a dancer (who is almost the spitting image of Gabriel Iglacias) and he’s not very good. I mean it’s fun to watch him flop around like a little penguin but he’s not that great. I was also very happy with several acts that did make it through. Those Funny Little People for instance. They were AMAZING! They are the best (and only) elf dancers that I’ve ever seen! I was also really happy with J Chris Newberg moving ahead as the wild card. He’s a singer/comedian and he’s really funny. I think that I liked his hollywood audition the best (because that’s the only one that I saw). He sang an original song entitled “That’s Probably A Bad Idea” and it was great! I must admit that there was 1 bad idea in his act though. He had this little choir of children who were dressed exactly like him. They had the same shirt and jeans which I was ok with but the part that threw me off was the Go T’s they had! CHILDREN SHOULD NOT HAVE GO T’S! At least his singing and his comedy were good. I was also very happy to see the fiddleheads moving on as well. They’re a bluegrass group that doesn’t sing bluegrass songs. Confusing isn’t it? They sing pop songs and give them a bluegrass touch. I think their best performance was their bluegrass rendition of “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. They did a great job with that one! I’m also quite glad that Seth Grabel is back now too! He’s a really good magician. In my opinion though I think the wildcard that has the best chance at winning the competition is the pride of the North Pole “Those Funny Little People”! Good luck to all of you wildcards next week! For those who wanna see the show it’s on NBC on Tuesday and Wednesday (I don’t exactly know the time though sorry). Bye bye for now blog world!


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