American Girls

Hi bloggers! Do any of you out there know what an american girl is. If not they are dolls. There are 19 of them in all and soon to be 21. 10 (and soon to be 12) of them are historical characters and the other 9 are girls of the year. The historical characters are girls from different periods of history like for example Addy Walker was from 1864 and Kit Kitteredge was from 1934. The girls of the year however are girls that are facing the world today. They started the girls of the year in 2001 with Lindsey Bergman and those girls are still going strong today. This year the girl is Kanani Akina from Hawaii. The girls also come with their own books! Each historical character has a 6 book series while the girls of the year only have 1. I think that I like the historical girls the best because not only do you learn about different time periods in american history but their books are a lot of fun to read as well. My favorite historical character would have to be Molly McIntire. She’s 9 years old and growing up on the home front in the middle of the 2nd world war. Her father is gone away to help wounded soldiers so Molly and her family have to cope with living without him til he returns home. Molly isn’t just a 9 year old girl in the middle of the 2nd world war. She’s also dreams of being a dancer. She lets nothing stop her from persuing her dream of dancing as Miss Victory in the “Hooray For The USA” pageant. Does she get to do so? I’ve actually never read any of the books so I don’t know. I hope she does though. My favorite girl of the year is Chrissa Maxwell. She and her family move to Minesota and Chrissa has to go to a brand new school. She’s excited but a little bit worried. When she gets there she gets horribly bullied by a group of evil “viper chicks”(that means really not nice girls) named the “Mean Bees”.  They do terrible things to her! They steal her valentines,put up posters of her head with a llama’s body and underneath it in big letters it says “Chrissa the looser llama girl” and the leader of the mean bees named Tara even pushes Chrissa’s brother off the diving board at swim club and he ends up staying in the hospital! He was alright though it was only 1 night. These girls like I said are terrible to her but she makes friends with 1 of the mean bees named Sonali and together with Chrissa’s other newfound friend Gwen they stick together and try to beat the mean bees. I love Chrissa and her story because I get bullied a lot too and she really inspires me to stand up to the bully and do whatever I can to make her/him stop. Did you know that not only do the girls have books and dolls but they also have movies? Well now you do! Not all of them have them it’s only a few (pardon my poem). The historical movie stars are Molly,Kit,Felicity, Samantha and also there are plans for a brand new one coming out in 2012. Julie will be getting her own musical! If I could choose a historical girl to get a movie I would definately go with Addy because her story of escaping from slavery would be even better on a big screen. There is only 1 american girl of the year with a movie. It’s Chrissa! I would like to see a Kanani movie one day though. That’s my thoughts on the american girls. If you are a grown up and wanna find out more about the dolls or wanna shopping check out this website If your a girl who wants to have some fun check out this website! Thanks for reading




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