My top 5 favorite songs

Hey bloggers! Today I wanna talk about music. I absolutely LOVE to listen to it. My favorite kind is country. Old and new school. It’s my favorite genre of them all! Although I think I like the old stuff a little better. Today I figured I’d give you a taste of some of the songs that I like. I’ve devised a list of my top 5 very favorite classic country songs


#5 “The Carroll County Accident”-Porter Wagoner  I love this song! When I heard it for the 1st time on the VOCM cabin party it was love at 1st note. This is a song about Walter Browning and Marry Ellen Jones. One day they get into a very serious car accident and Marry Ellen is the only survivor. When Porter goes to see the wreck he finds Walter’s wedding ring behind Marry’s dashboard in a little box with a rubber band circling around it. He tosses it into the well the next day and vows to never tell the truth about what had happened. This song confuses me a little but hey at least it’s catchy!


#4 “Thank God And Greyhound”-Roy Clark this is the perfect song to play at a break up party. In a way it’s kinda cruel but man is it funny. It’s about Roy himself and his (hopefully fictional) wife and the wife isn’t so nice to the him. Even though she isn’t Roy just keeps on loving her in hopes that she’ll change her ways. One day she tells him goodbye and says that she’s leaving but she won’t tell him why she is. When she gets on the greyhound bus to leave to god knows where there’s only 1 thing on Roy’s mind and that is THANK GOD AND GREYHOUND YOUR GONE! He puts a great big ear to ear grin on his face and starts singing about how happy he is that she left him. I honestly can’t help but laugh! (Neither could my grade 7 class when I read this out to them as a poem at a poetry reading we had in language arts).


#3 “Coat Of Many Colors”- Dolly Parton  this is a very pretty song about a child who I would say is probably 8 or 9 and her mother. They are a very poor family who haven’t got much money. One day a person gives her mom a box of brightly colored rags and she sews them into a beautiful coat for her daughter. While doing so she tells her the story of Joseph and the bright and beautiful coat that his father gives him. When she sends the girl to school in her new coat she starts to feel like Joseph because he was getting picked on for having such a nice coat instead of his brothers. Instead of being picked on because she had a nice coat she was being picked on because all of the children thought that it was ugly since it was only made of rags. She tries telling them Joseph’s story but that doesn’t work and they still don’t understand how special she feels. She also tries to teach them that “One is only poor only if they choose to be” and I think that that does (I’m not quite sure though). that one quote that I just told you is one of the reasons that I love this song. I find it so beautiful. I also love the music as well.


#2 “Sneaky Snake”-Tom T Hall

This is a very very funy song much like #4 was but this one’s a little bit more fun. This song is pretty much a warning to all the boys and girls who like to have lakeside picnics with their families and drink root beer while their there. Tom says to “keep your eyes wide open and look for sneaky snake” because when you aren’t looking he’ll sneak up behind you and drink all of your root beer. Then for an unknown reason he dances! This is a really funny song and I think it’s great for kids birthday parties or maybe quiet time in a kindergarten class. Also it’s not just for little kids. Older kids and adults like the song a lot as well. So this is a song that’s perfect for any generation to love and enjoy.


#1 “Act Naturally”-Buck Owens  this song is about Buck becoming a movie star. He’s gonna be in what seems like a drama film because in the song he says “we’ll make a film about a man that’s sad and lonely”. He must be having a few relationship problems because he says that he won’t need to do any rehearsing at all because he just has to act naturally. This is a very very catchy song and it tends to get stuck in my head a lot LOL! This is clearly one of Buck’s best songs.

There you have it folks my top 5 all time favorite classic country music songs! I hope you enjoyed the list. By the way those links next to each of the songs are links to hear the songs on youtube so if you haven’t heard any of these songs before or if you have and you wanna hear them again click the links and have a listen!  



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