Movie Reviews

Hi there again! I’m gonna break out my inner Simon Cowell for this blog post because I want to talk a little about movies. I’m a HUGE movie buff and I’ve seen a lot of them. My favorites are comedies,musicals and anything with Dan Aykroyd or Andy Griffith. Speaking of which I’m starting this post with “A Face In The Crowd” which I came across on TCM one day and since Andy was in it I decided to watch. It’s about Lonesome Rhodes a wanderer who somehow becomes famous and gets his own television program but later on gets extremely power mad and quickly demolishes a lot of his bridges. I think that I’d give it about 3 stars. It was good but it could have been a little better. Andy was a great actor and I liked a lot of the other people too but I think that to me the storyline was a little confusing. I understood most but not exactly all of it. A movie that I really enjoyed and am giving 5 stars is “Hairspray”. It’s a comedy musical about a fat girl who’s trying to become a star in the city of Baltimore. She also dreams of winning over the heart of Link Larkin the most popular boy in school who also just happens to be on the same television sho that she wants to be. The particular show that she want’s to be on is the “Corny Collins Show”. It’s pretty much their version of “American Bandstand”. They have a nigro day once a month but end up cancelling it because they don’t seem to like african american’s very much. Tracy does get her spot on the show and gains instant stardom! She also helps her newfound friends Motormouth Maybelle and her son Seaweed J Stubs get Corny to integrate the show and let african american people on it all the time. They manage to do so and also she wins over Links heart and defeats the evil Velma and Amber Von Tussle who segregated the TV show in the 1st place. The music was amazing and I must admit that John Travolta really did a great job of stepping out of his greasy hair and leather T Bird Jacket and into a fat suit,wig and dress. A movie that I found completely TERRIBLE and am only giving a star to is Monty Python’s “Life Of Brian”. It’s about a boy named Brian who was born in the manger right next to Jesus. He becomes the chosen one and people all around start worshipping him. Things end up going wrong near the end of the film and he gets crucified. This movie was horrendous! The comedy wasn’t very good and they made a bad choice to sing “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” while they were being crucified at the very end. That’s an asbie’s take on movies. Hope you enjoyed reading my post!


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