Hey guys! I’ve been doing a lot of watching AGT (that’s America’s Got Talent) and I figured I’d blog about my thoughts on the results so far. One of the contestants that have moved on so far is Daniel J Baker. He’s an amazing singer infact as Howie Mandell says he’s “Lady Guyguy” (that’s the female equivalent of Lady Gaga). I strongly agree with Howie. With all that fierceness and the amazing piano playing I have a feeling that Lady Gaga may just have some competition! Another contestant that I’ve been rooting for but was unfortunately eliminated 2 weeks ago is Mauricio Herrera. He is quite the showman. I love the flashy shirts he wears and he’s also quite the amazing dancer and singer. I think his best performance so far was his Hollywood performance. He did a melody of Tom Jones’s “Delilah” and Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas”. He did a great job! Another act that I found did really well was “Those Funny Little People”. They’re a group of puppet Elves that dance and lip synch. They’re HILLARIOUS! I think their best performance so far was their hollywood week when they did a melody of singin in the rain and “It’s Raining Men”. They are unfortunately gone now as well. One act that I didn’t like was the captain and Maybelle. I think they’re just gross,horrific and demented people! I’m not exactly quite sure how to describe their act at all. I’ve actually only got 3 words gross,creepy and AAAAAHHHHHHHH! (that last one’s more of an exclamation but I guess it counts). Their audition is kinda hard to explain but their vegas week was pretty much like this. Maybelle couldn’t life a suitcase so the captain lifted it for her and to prove that he was strong enough to lift more then a suitcase he stuck a hook through his tongue and put a frying pan on the other end and flung that around at least twice. Then Maybelle decided to outsmart him by doing the same but this time with the hook through her nose. Then the captain decided to outsmart her by sticking a hook through his eyelids and attaching a kettle and flinging that around. It didn’t make any sense at all and it was just creepy and disgusting! Thank you America for eliminating them! For those of you who also watch the show I suggest you check out this website and vote for who you think should come back as the wild card (Mauricio is the one that I wanna see back). Also check out and read all the contestants blogs,look at their pictures,find out more about them. You can also view behind the scenes photo’s and video’s and full episodes! As well be sure to watch the show every Tuesday and Wednesday on NBC at 10:30-11:30 (That’s Newfoundland time. I don’t know what time it’s on anywhere else). Remember to use the website that I posted and vote vote vote so your eliminated favorite can come back a 2nd time! I’ll be posting more blogs very soon so stay tuned!




One thought on “AGT

  1. whoops bloggers! I meant to say the male equivalent of Lady Gaga not the female equivalent because that’s Gaga herself

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