my school

Hey bloggers! As you all unfortunately know school will be starting very very soon :(. I figured that I’d make a blog post all about mine to show you what it’s like! I’m not saying the name (for obvious reasons) but I will say that it’s quite the unusual school. It’s kinda like Flying Rhino Jr High (for those of you who don’t know “Flying Rhino Jr High” was an old animated cartoon on YTV and it’s currently doing reruns every morning on YTV’s playtime block). The reason why that is is because anything can and will happen. The teachers in my school are all awesome but of course we do have a few nutballs. Take Mr Hipditch for example. He’s a grade 9 math teacher who LOVES the Boston Bruins. He has posters of them all over the walls and whenever the Bruins win a game you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s gonna come into school the next day wearing a Bruins jersey and talking about NOTHING but the Bruins! Also you really might not wanna get on his bad side because I can remember during the 2nd last month of school (at least I think that’s when this happened) I was on my way to class and as I passed by Mr Hipditch’s classroom I saw him holding a studen by the shirt collar and charging students a quarter to punch him and a dollar to do it twice. Thank the lord he was only joking because he definately wouldn’t have lasted the rest of the school year if he had really let the kids do it. He also loves country music! Last time we played a game in his classroom on sports day he blasted Brad Paisley on his stereo! Also I can remember walking past his classroom one day and I could hear “All My Ex’s Live In Texas” coming from somewhere in the room. Another one of the teachers that’s quite zany is Mrs Ghainey (pardon the poem)! She was my homeroom teacher in grade 7 and I’ll never forget her. Every day she would be completely hyper (I think she may have drank a little too much caffeine).  Also her teaching methods were really cool! During health class she would let us hula hoop in the hallways and play twister! My favorite teacher is Mr Sheppard. He’s our tech ed teacher. Although he doesn’t consider himself as a teacher. He considers himself as a TECH GEEK! He even has the words Tech Geek sewn onto the back of his school sweater! The part that I think that I like most about him is definately all the awesome treat questions he asks. A treat question is basically a question about anything. It could be Harry Potter,Robotics or something related to our school. If you get the question wrong he’ll say your wrong and love you for trying but if you get it right he’ll give you a candy! Out of all the classes I take in school I think that my absolute favorite is Home Ec. I like it because we get to cook! I absolutely LOVE cooking! We made all kinds of delicious stuff this year in Home Ec class but I think that my favorite was probably cookie pizza. A cookie pizza is basically a GINORMOUS chocolate chip cookie. Instead of using a baking pan we use a pizza tray! It tasted really yummy! My 2nd favorite subject in school is language arts. I like language arts because it’s a class where we really get to express ourselves. We write poetry and stories and also on each day we have double language arts (which means we have it twice that day) we get to do a scribblers stage. Scribblers stage is when we get to write whatever we like in our folders. It could be a journal entry,a poem,a song whatever we choose! That’s definately the best part of the class. Another one of my favorite subjects is music. It’s so much fun! We got to wright raps (I wrote one about Red Green),we learned to play the guitar and we even got to create our own bands! The teacher is really nice too. We don’t just have classes in school we also have different extra curricular activities as well. I am in the school’s band (I’m a clarinettist),choir and before the teacher that was running it left the school I was in the drama club. I think my favorite one was definately the drama club because I love acting! Not only that but I made tons of new friends. Also it was a lot of fun! We played improv games and we even did plays in front of the whole school! I think my favorite one that we did was “American Idle”. In that play I got to be an actor (I played the part of romeo) and also I got to be a terrible singer/pianist (where I sang “Mama Mia” like a dying cat and I missed as many notes as possible). Not only are doing the plays fun but we have a lot of fun behind the scenes too! I also really like the parties that the school throws for us on special occasions. At christmas time we have different theme days leading up to the day that we get out for christmas break. There’s a santa hat day, red and green day and my personal favorite dress as your favorite christmas character day (I was Cindy Lou Who from the grinch). Halloween is really awesome at my school too! We get to go to school wearing a costume! This year there were some pretty cool ones and a few pretty weird ones as well. This year I came to school dressed as Pebbles Flintstone. My friend Emily was a fork,one of the grade 9 kids was a juice box and there was even a girl in grade 8 who came dressed up as the girl from “Avatar”. The teachers even got in on the fun too! My teacher Mrs Kendall was an M&M, one of the language arts teachers (who was a female) was Elvis, my math teacher from grade 7 Mr Fowler was a nun and definately the weirdest one yet that still gives me nightmares was Mr Hipditch’s costume. He was Hannah Montannah! It was HORRIFYING! He had on lipstick a blonde wig a short sleeve blouse and worst of all A MINI SKIRT! What I saw that day will probably never be unseen! You readers are very lucky you didn’t see it! The image still haunts me to this day! That’s all for now about my school everyone! I hope you enjoyed learning about it LOL!


Semi Finals of AGT

Hey blog people! Tuesday night was the very 1st episode of the semi finals this season. I must say that it went REALLY well! Nick Cannon wore an awesome jacket (which Piers Morgan of course made fun of) and of course the acts all did a GREAT job (well almost all of them). Zuma Zuma was the very 1st act performing that night. They did a great job! Their music choice was great and their acrobatics were even greater! I really enjoyed their performance last night. Beth Anne Robinson performed on Tuesday night as well. She’s a very very graceful dancer and I love what she does! I also LOVED Team iLuminate’s performance! They actually took us inside of a video game! I loved every single minute of their performance. There were 2 acts in particular though that I completely HATED! The West Spring Field Dance Team as you already know is a demented,horriffic group of high school kids who overdo the makeup and can’t dance even if their lives depended on it! They were TERRIBLE on Tuesday night! Also Lys Agnes was terrible as well. She is an opera singer but she’s not a very good one! Speaking of singers Daniel Joseph Baker did a great job of his act. I’m not sure what song he sang (all I know is it was by Adele) but he did an amazing job of it! I also really enjoyed POPLYFE’s performance. They sang “Come Together” by the Beatles. They were really good! After every show you get 2 whole hours to vote on who you wanna see back and I wasn’t very happy with the voting results at all this week! The 1st result gave me mixed emotions because I was sad to see a few of these contestants go but I was happy to say bye bye to others. They got rid of Mat Wilhelm,Zuma Zuma,Sandou Trio Russian Bar and let Team iLuminate go ahead. I was very pleased with Team iLuminate moving forward HOWEVER I was not very happy with Zuma Zuma going ahead. I really enjoyed them! I was very happy with the parting of the sandou trio because THEY DIDN’T EVEN USE THE RUSSIAN BAR! I can’t believe that I’m saying this but when Piers Morgan said that the act was attempted suicide I AGREED WITH HIM! Anyways after iLuminate moved forward they got rid of 2 more people Melissa Velasenior and Kevin Colis. I was kinda happy to see Kevin going because even though I liked him he didn’t do that great of a job. Melissa on the other hand was really funny and I was sad to see her going! The next 3 acts moving through were The Miami All Stars,POPLYFE and (unfortunately) Lys Agnes. I was super happy to see POPLYFE and the Miami All Stars go ahead but definately not Lys! I’m still quite angry at her for gaining more votes then Mauricio on the night she performed in hollywood causing my precious Mauri to be eliminated. After they were gone it was down to 3 more acts. Beth Anne Robinson,Daniel Joseph Baker and West Springfield Dance Team. Nick Cannon came onto the stage and said that it was the judges turn to decide but they could only pick from 2 acts. The person leaving the competition was Beth Anne Robinson. I was kinda happy and sad to see her go. I liked her but the finale will be ok without her. Now it was all up to Howie,Piers and Sharon. Howie spoke first and said that (unfortunately) he wanted West Springfield to go to the finale. Next it was Piers’s turn and he ALSO voted for the west springfielders! I was FLABBERGHASTED that neither of them picked Daniel! He is way more talented then them! In fact the kid has more talent in his PINKY finger then everyone in the group has in their entire bodies! I’m still quite mad about this today. Hopefully next week’s voting results will go a little better. The acts performing next Tuesday are Anna Graceman,Smage Bros Riding Shows,The Kinetic King,RHM SIlhouettes,Professor Splash,Steven Retchless,Landau Eugene Murphy Jr,Snap Boogie,Fatally Unique,Gymkana,Landon Swank and the Summerwind Skippers. It sure seems like it’s gonna be a GREAT show! I can’t wait to see it!

Bucket List

Hey guys! How many of you have your own bucket list? I’ve been working on mine for a while and I’m proud to say that I got a few things done but there’s still loads more goals on there that I want to accomplish. Take a look!

1. Meet Mauricio Herrera  he’s my favorite singer and I would give anything to meet him!

2. sing a duet with Mauricio Herrera  since we are both singers I think it’d be awesome if we could sing a duet together

3. Appear on Lingo  it’s my absolute favorite game show!

4. See “Annie” live  it’s the best musical of all time (even though I cry when I watch the movie I still love it)!

5. see “America’s Got Talent” live  it’s my favorite reality TV show!

6. purchase a buzzer,figure out where Piers Morgan lives, knock on the door buzz him when he opens it then run   it’s kind of a pathetic practical joke but still he is completely buzzer happy on AGT so I really wanna give him a taste of his own medicine!

7. write a book   I’m working on this one at the moment. I won’t give any details because I’m keeping it a surprise but keep an eye out for it in bookstores cause when I’m finished writing I plan on having it published

8. win a gold medal   I don’t really care what sport it is I just really want to win a gold medal because I never have before and it’d be AWESOME if I did!

9. see the eiffel tower  I see pictures of it online and on TV and it looks beautiful! I’d love to see it up close

10. swim with dolphins  their my favorite marine animal and I would do anything to get the chance to swim with them

11. get a pet dog   I used to have one and now that he’s gone even though they try my pet fish aren’t filling the void so I’d like to get another one.

12. create a TV show for kids  I already have a series in mind and I have the characters as well! I pitched it to Rogers TV so I hope that It’ll get put on air soon!

13. release a CD  I’m in the process of this one as well. My music teacher/agent/producer/pianist/ music writer Kerri Malloy is helping me accomplish this goal. She knows a guy who can record CD’s so when I get some more songs done I’ll get to record them and put them on a CD and sell them in stores!

14. have Duff Goldman bake me a birthday cake  Duff Goldman incase you don’t know owns Charm City Cakes and also has his own TV show “Ace Of Cakes” and the cakes that he and his employees make look AWESOME! I’d love to try one someday.

15. have Buddy Valestro bake me a birthday cake  this is the same as the last bucket list item but a different baker,bakery and TV show. Buddy owns Carlo’s Bakery and has his own TV show “Cake Boss”. His cakes also look really cool so I’d like to try one of them.

16. share a meal with Adam Richman  he’s the host of one of my favorite culinary TV shows “Man VS Food”. He’s really funny (and also kinda cute) and he sure knows loads about food and how to cook it. I’d love to share a meal with him!

17. Meet John Quiñones  he’s a news anchor for ABC and he also hosts the TV show “What Would You Do”. His show is really really inspirational and he is too! I’d love to meet him someday and get his autograph. Also if I could ask him just 1 question it would be this. What would you do? LOL!

18. learn the art of ventrilloquism  this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long long time. I see people like Sonya Abbot,Jeff Dunham and half of the cast of the musical “Avenue Q” do it and it looks really really easy but I can imagine that it’s probably not. It would be really neat to learn how to do it! Then when I get my very own dummy not only can I have a lot of fun but I can now have an excuse for talking to myself (which I do a lot ) LOL!

19. be on “Sesame Street”  this has been a dream of mine for ages! I always loved watching Elmo,Big Bird,Rosita and Grover and all their adventures on sesame street and I always wondered what it’s like being there. I sure hope that I get to find out someday soon!

20. defeat Bobby Flay in a throwdown  In my spare time I enjoy cooking and one of my favorite chef’s happens to be Bobby Flay. He surprises other chefs by challenging them to a throwdown. Basically in a nutshell a throwdown is a challenge. He challenges you to make the food that your best at and he will make the same food but try and make his better then yours. If this ever happens I don’t know what food he’ll choose but I know that if I ever get challenged to a throwdown Bobby’s goin down!

21. write a musical and perform it live  I’m in the middle of working on this one as well. I’m writing a musical all about my life. I haven’t decided on what events from my life I’m gonna put into the musical but I know for a fact that when I finish writing the script and the music it’s gonna be AWESOME!

22. ride on an elephant  I’ve already (sorta) mastered the art of horseback riding so now that I can do that I’d like to try riding on an elephant

23. hug a koala bear  they are my favorite kind of bears (right next to pandas)! They are so cute and they look so cuddly! I’d love to see one and give it a great big hug!

24. meet a giraffe  Giraffes have always facinated me. They look really cool and also they have amazingly long necks! I’d love to get to see one in person!

25. Meet the cast of “The Red Green Show”  this is my FAVORITE show! Red Green and the gang from Possum Lodge have been cracking me up for ages and ages! It’s the funniest show on TV! I would love to get to meet the cast and get autographs from them and get a tour of the lodge and maybe even attend a meeting!

26. learn to swim  as hard to believe as it is I can’t swim! I know that I’m 13 but I cannot swim at all! I can swim perfectly in the shallow end but I need a life jacket for every other part of the pool. I would love to take swimming lessons and finally learn how to swim

27. scuba dive  once I complete #27 this is the 1st thing that I want to do. I have always wanted to scuba dive in the tropical oceans and see all the cool creatures and things down there. It would be AWESOME!

That’s my entire bucket list (for now at least) I hope you enjoyed reading. Who knows maybe now that you read this I gave you a few ideas for yours? I’ll post plenty more blogs very soon so keep reading everyone!


The Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest

Hey bloggers! I would have posted about this much earlier but I didn’t have the blog set up when this happened so I might as well blog about it now. One night I was sitting and watching TV with my parents and I saw an ad for this years newfoundland screech comedy festival (it’s an annual week long stand up comedy event that happens here in NL). There were all sorts of different people performing this year. There were some in particular that really caught my eye and made me desperatley want to go. They were Nikki Payne and Dan Aykroyd. I had never seen them (or any other stand up comic) live before and I figured that this year would be the year to do it. I asked my mom for tickets for the night that Dan and Nikki (and other comics) were performing at the Holy Heart theater. Mom called the box office the following night and said that the only tickets available were tickets for the WGB (that’s Wonderful Grand Band for those of you who don’t know) show that night (they were doing a show right before Nikki and Dan). I was really upset so I decided to use the wonderful world of Facebook to get a pair of tickets. I got into contact with Mark Critch since he was a Facebook friend of mine and I asked him for a pair of tickets for the show. I also messaged Peter Soucy A.K.A Snook for a pair as well in case Mark couldn’t get any. They both replied back to me and said that Friday was impossible (which turned out to be a good thing because after a little more online research I found out that there was no stand up on friday night they were just talking) but they did manage to get me a pair of tickets to the CBC gala on sunday night. I was EXTATIC because how many other kids get free tickets to a televised stand up event from Mark Critch and Peter Soucy? I think I’m the only one! I decided to go with my Dad because Sunday was fathers day and what better way to celebrate it then to take dad out for a little night on the town (and also Mom hates stand up comedy so Dad was definately the best choice). When we got there we were looking for a pair of seats together and we found them. The only problem is that they were way in the back of the theater. We could see the comedians and comediennes really well but that wasn’t good enough for me. This was my 1st stand up show so I wanted the best that I could get. I walked up to the front row and examined it and there were a couple of free seats! I ran back to my Dad and told him that there were. He told me to make sure that those seats were free and they weren’t saved for anyone. I asked and they weren’t saved. Then he said he wanted me to check with people that worked at the venue just to be extra sure. I told dad that there was no one in them and they weren’t saved so there was no need. He wanted me to check with them anyways. I did and unfortunately they were saved for sponsers. I slowly walked back to the seat with a big frown on my face. I was pretty grumpy about what had just happened for a little while but just before the show started one of the people that I was just talking to came up to find us and said that the people who were in those front seats couldn’t make it and he asked us if we wanted the seats. I of course said yes and I ran up to the front row and sat down. I was really happy about this. A minute later I got even happier because this event was being televised and since dad and I were now sitting in the front row a camera person told us to smile and be happy because we would be on TV a lot during the night! I was super happy that Dad and I would get to be on TV! I was also very happy because I brought a camera to take some pictures and they probably wouldn’t have come out very good back in the seats we were originally in but since we were in the front row I could get PERFECT photo’s of the comics! I started snapping pictures of the stage right away. I also got a couple of pictures of Snook when he came out to get the show started. My photography was suddenly put to a stop when Snook said and I quote “I sees you. Put that away!” I had no clue that this was a non photography event! It’s a stand up show not “Cirque Du Soleil”! Anyways I obeyed Snook’s rule and put the camera down. When the first comedian Trent McClellan came out and told his jokes I laughed really hard! He was really funny (until he started telling jokes about “The Doctors” which is my absolute favorite TV show as you can tell if you read the post about it here on my blog). I also really enjoyed Nikki Payne. She was hysterical! Although something that I really wanted to happen unfortunately didn’t happen. You see she has a lisp and when she says certain words she spits. She’s my absolute favorite female comedian (for those of you curious cats out there my favorite male one is Greg Morton) and I know that this seems weird but I actually wanted to get spit on by her while she was on stage! She unfortunately didn’t but I swear that if she did I would proudly wear my little bit of Nikki DNA and never ever EVER wash the hand (or body part) she spit on ever again. There was one comedian that performed that night that was a little creepy. His name was Sean Cullen (some of you may recognize him as the voice of Lucious Heinous VII on “Jimmy 2 Shoes”). He taught us a brand new mexican word that he recently learned. It was Kajeevo. He didn’t know what it meant and neither did anyone else in the crowd (in fact I googled it the following night and it’s not even a real word)! I thought it was funny at first but then he started singing about it and that’s when it got creepy. A few days before the show I re e mailed Peter and asked him if he could get me Dan Aykroyd’s autograph since I wouldn’t be there and he said that he couldn’t get it done. He also said that if it was any consolation (which it was) that I could get my picture taken with Snook after the gala on Sunday. Right after the show I waited up for Snook and there he was cowlick and gold chain and all. I was absoluetly STARSTRUCK when I saw him in person. I actually never dreamed that this day would come and I’m still very very happy that it has. We talked to eachother for a while and it turns out that he is a very very nice person. I also got to take pictures after the show with Nikki and Sean. I also got pictures with a few of the other comedians as well. Steve Patterson,John Sheehan and Brian Aylward. They are all amazingly nice people (and for the record I leaned in kinda close to Sean to get a picture and he’s quite comfortable LOL)! I had a GREAT time at the festival and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m coming back again next year! By the way if you have CBC television I highly reccommend that you watch the live broadcast of the gala. It’s gonna be on CBC (that’s channel 3 on most TV’s) this saturday at 8:30 NL time. Check your local listings if you aren’t a Newfoundlander. That’s all for now folks. I’ll be posting loads more blogs very soon so keep reading!



Autism camp

Hey blog readers! I just spent a week at a camp at the Elaine Dobbin center for autism here in Newfoundland. I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back again next week! This week we did loads of awesome stuff! On Monday we had a survivor day. We got split up into 2 teams. Team Koppano (me and my friends Amber,James,Samuel and Colin) and team sockittoya (Ally and sam(I forget who else was on the team)). When we were split up into 2 teams we got to make a poster and when we were done with that then the games began! We started off with a game of hollywood squares which my team had one. Then we went to bowring park and we played 2 more games. We had a soccer race (which my team didn’t win) and we also had a race where we had to put a ball between our knees and hop to the end of the field and then drop it into a bucket and then run back with the ball (my team did win that). Then to end things off we had a stand on 1 foot contest. My team didn’t win that but at least we had fun trying. In the end team sockittoya was the winner but we were all good sports and congradulated the winners. On Tuesday (and Thursday) there was no camp because on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s they have the pre teen and the structured teaching camps. On Wednesday we had a christmas day. We got to listen to some christmas music (Kenny and Dolly to be exact),we made sugar cookies (which tasted delicious) and we also got to play pass the parcel. The cool thing about that was that even though I was the one that opened up the last box everyone won! The prize that I found when I unwrapped the last piece of wrapping paper was a box. When I opened up the box there was a note inside. The note read “Surprise! Everybody gets a freezy”! I was really happy about that (even though I don’t like freezies) because everyone else got a prize and nobody felt left out. Santa even came and paid us a visit and gave us each a candy cane! My favorite part about the Christmas day was that we got to go swimming at the aquarena! It was AWESOME! Yesterday was fun too! We had a halloween theme day yesterday. We each got to wear a costume (My friend CJ was WALL.E,My friend Luke was a wizard,my friend Sam was a safari person and I was Pebbles Flintstone). We did lots yesterday. We got to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas”,we had a halloween dance and we also got to go through a haunted house. I didn’t like it because it was really really scary! There were people screaming at us,something grabbed my leg and also when I put my hand in a slot to feel a bowl of (fake) intestines it felt DISGUSTING! The part that I enjoyed most about yesterday was definately the contest that we had.We all split up into teams of 2 or 3 (I was with CJ and Amber) and we had to go outside and look for “pumpkins” (that were really tiny little soccer balls) and whichever team found the most won. CJ and myself had found a good many of them and we were doing great together. Then while we were outside we saw Amber who was looking really really hard but couldn’t find any pumpkins. I managed to find one and I decided to be nice and give it to her. CJ gave her a few as well. We noticed that even after we gave her a few balls of her own she was still having difficulty finding them by herself so we invited her to join our team. She agreed with us and we all looked for balls together. In the end we had found 10 of them CJ had 5 I had 3 and Amber had 2. We won the game! Our prize was a bag of candy each. Like I said before I’m going back next week and I can’t wait! On monday we’re having a St Patrick’s day theme. There’s a musician coming in to play for us, (weather permitting) we’re having a picnic at Bannerman park and we’re even going to Moo Moo’s for some ice cream! On Wednesday we’re going to have an easter theme day and we’re also having a talent show! I decided that I’m going to sing. I found out that I can do more then 1 act so I decided to sing “Good Morning Baltimore” from the musical “Hairspray” and also I’m going to sing “(old dogs,children and) Watermelon Wine” by Tom T Hall. Then on friday I’m not quite sure what we’re doing. I only know that we’re going to the movies. The good thing about it is that we get a choice so we can go to one or the other. I love camp at the Elaine Dobbin center! I can’t wait to go back next week (even though I probably said that 3 or more times already)!

Wildcard part 2

Hey blog people! Last night was the wildcard night! All 12 of the acts performed live in front of america (and canada) to try and get our votes. I really enjoyed the show last night. There was plenty of suspense,humor and music! I think that my favorite last night would definately have to be a toss up between those funny little people and Seth Grabel. Those funny little people got all dressed up in beautiful clothing from india and danced and lip synched to “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by the band They Might Be Giants. They did a very good job singing and dancing but I think that the part that they excelled at the most was annoying Piers Morgan! You honestly should have seen the look on Piers’s face it was PRICELESS! I really enjoyed Seth’s performance as well. Does anyone remember the movie “Back To The Future”? Seth completely recreated the film in his magic act! He made a delorian appear and out of the delorian came a mini version of Sharon,Howie and Piers! They were so cute! Although one small part of Seth’s act that I didn’t enjoy was the beginning when he just fooled around doing spins in a gignatic ring thingy. It completely threw me off. He honestly should have just stuck to the magic. Speaing of magic there was another magician chosen as a wildcard named Landon Swank. Landon did something EXTREMELY dangerous. He handcuffed himself and got inside very tiny little crate filled with water (which was the perfect size for Professer Splash’s next stunt) and then he chained his neck to the inside of the crate and then they locked him inside and gave him a minute to escape. I honestly didn’t think that he would escape and that the safety divers would have to go in after him but during the last 5 seconds a curtain was pulled over the little tank and as soon as time was up Landon wasn’t in the tank! A woman was instead! I don’t know how he did it but it was quite impressive. An act that I didn’t find very impressive was the Yellow Designs Stunt Team. I don’t think they did good  AT ALL! Their stunts really weren’t all that great and their pirate costumes were horriffic. While we’re speaking of horriffic things another wildcard act brought back by none other then miss Sharon Osbourne was the west springfield dance team. Trust me these guys are NOT your average dance group. They are gothic and frightning and use way too much makeup (they’d be the perfect backup dancers for Alice Cooper). I’m not sure what song they danced too this time (I think it was called “Beautiful People”) but still they weren’t that bad but they weren’t all that great. They dressed up like the Joker from Batman and did their little dance routine which was extremely well choreographed but I still didn’t very much enjoy it. Their good but I don’t think that their a million dollar act. One act I also don’t think is quite worth $10000 is the Kinetic King. He is quite amazing but I still think that in a kinetic contest the king would loose his crown to Spencer Shay from Icarly. Another act that I didn’t really enjoy was the summerwind skippers. I mean sure it was very entertaining/dangerous when they double dutched with fire but still I think their definately going home tonight even though Piers thinks that they make skipping “sexy”. I do think that Avery and the calico hearts may have their 2nd chance at going ahead. Their rendition of dynamite by Tao Cruise was incredible! Sure they sounded like the chippettes but I didn’t really care. Their cute and they can sing! Another part of the show that I really enjoyed was all the banter going on between the judges. Sharon puts her head in her skirt to contain her laughter during J Chris Newberg’s act and ended causing a small little argument with Piers. Also Piers looses his top at Howie for bringing back those funny little people  I also really liked Nick Cannon’s outfit. Sure Piers thinks that he has quite the bad sense of fashion but I really like what he wears. Especially his socks! I can’t wait to see the show tonight and find out who goes home and who gets the 2nd chance. If you wanna watch it’s on channel 11 (that’s NBC) at 10:30-11:30 NL time (check your local listings if you aren’t a newfie because I don’t know when it’s on anywhere else). I’ll be posting lots more so keep reading!



Me the musical!

Hi Blog world! I am a huge fan of musicals! I love all of them! My favorites are “Annie”,”Hairspray” and “Seussical The Musical”. I like them so much that I actually decided recently to write a musical about my life! Most people choose to wright an autobiography but I decided to tell my life story on stage. I’ve picked out some very very special events in my life like the day I met my boyfriend,the night I found out I was autistic even my 1st bowling night with the special olympics and all these events are gonna be in the show! I of course won’t be holding any auditions because I’m gonna be using my friends and family to play themselves. I haven’t quite got the script finished yet but I’m working on it and I hopefully will soon. I’m also working on writing the songs but I’ve only got 1 finished. It’s a extremely huge work in progress but I’ll get it done someday and hopefully when I do I’ll get to perform it live with my friends and family.